How to Start a Sip and Paint Business – 10 Reasons to Consider a Pinot’s Pallete

Paint-and-sip classes have been popping up all over the country for nearly a decade. You may have seen photos of your friends on social media, perched across from an easel with wine glass in hand. Or perhaps you’ve attended a paint and sip class and discovered your own inner Picasso!

The growth of experience-based businesses, like paint-and-sip concepts, reflect current trends in which millennials — and people across all age spectrums — are placing greater value on experiences versus things. Research published by San Francisco State University found that people who spent money on experiences rather than material items were happier and felt the money was better spent. As Forbes explained, “The thrill of purchasing things fades quickly but the joy and memories of experiences, from epic adventures to minute encounters, can last a lifetime.”

The beauty of a paint and sip business is that it offers customers both an experience and a product. It’s the best of both worlds!

Paint and Sip Franchising

If you’re interested in opening your own paint and sip business, you may want to consider purchasing a paint and sip franchise.

When you buy a franchise, you benefit from the support and guidance provided by the franchisor. And since you are buying an existing concept with a known-brand, there is less risk involved.

Worried you don’t have the right experience? Don’t be! Paint and sip franchisees come from all different backgrounds, with work experience in a variety of fields from law to education to marketing and everything in between. While those drawn to paint and sip franchises may not have much in common in terms of past experience, they are all looking for the chance to be their own boss and benefit from the flexibility and freedom found through entrepreneurship. The great thing about franchising is that you can be your own boss but with the full support of the corporate team and your fellow franchisees.

Spotlight on Pinot’s Palette

There are a few paint and sip franchise opportunities to consider. However, if you are looking for a top-rated franchise concept (as rated by the franchise owners themselves) Pinot’s Palette is the only paint and sip brand that has been ranked on Franchise Business Review’s (FBR) top rated franchises list. Pinot’s Palette has been rated a top franchise year-after-year and across several categories, including top low-cost franchises and top franchises for women. “I appreciated that they interviewed me as much as I interviewed them,” said Lisa Riley, a Pinot’s Palette franchisee. “The main reason I chose Pinot’s Palette over all other franchise systems is they won’t sell a franchise to just anyone. They want to make sure you are a quality business partner for the brand.”

Pinot’s Palette first opened in 2009, with a studio in Houston, Texas. With paint-and-sip businesses being a relatively new concept, they started small with just a few classes a week taught by local artists. After not too long, word of their business spread and, they began opening franchises. Today, Pinot’s Palette has stores across the United States and Canada; their patrons are responsible for the creation of over one million paintings!

Pinot’s Palette requires a minimum capital investment of $80,000. The startup cost to open a Pinot’s Palette will vary, depending on location and the format of the business, but the general range is $97,450 – $305,000. If you’re a veteran, you’re eligible for a 20 percent discount on the initial franchise fee.

Ten Reasons to Consider a Pinot’s Palette Franchise

1. Creative Entertainment

Pinot’s Palette is not only a leader in the paint and sip category, they’re innovative and engaged in the creative entertainment market. From blacklight classes to painting wine glasses and bottles, dancing and karaoke during breaks, their franchisees enjoy bringing entertaining experiences to their guests.

2. Innovative Technology

Pinot’s Palette leads the paint and sip industry with their cutting-edge e-commerce reservation and management systems, including POS and calendar planning. Their embrace of new technology allows owners to focus on driving business and satisfying guests.

3. Data-Driven, Emotionally-Impactful Marketing Support and Strategy

Pinot’s Palette franchisees have access to effective sales and marketing strategies and tools, created by experts that support local efforts to drive online and community engagement and sales. Pinot’s Palette’s marketing and creative team delivers highly-engaging digital and print assets, digital presence, and video; as well as strategy, support, and education.

4. Multiple Revenue Streams

Pinot’s Palette is not just about public painting events. They also offer specialty programs like Project Pet, where customers can paint their pet; private parties and celebrations; team building and other B2B opportunities. Plus, they offer children’s classes and camps under their sub-brand, Little Brushes®. In addition, Pinot’s Palette offers a mobile license, so franchisees can bring parties to their customers.

5. Comprehensive Training and Support

Franchisees are immediately wrapped into the Pinot’s Palette support system when they join the team. They are assigned a relationship manager who walks them through site selection, build-out, and onboarding to the Grand Opening, then offers continuous support as they grow their business.

6. Community Commitment

Giving back to the communities they serve is a top priority for Pinot’s Palette; one of their core values is to “serve energetically.” Pinot’s Palette supports local artists through their artist rewards program, the first program of its kind in the paint and sip industry. They also host numerous fundraising events throughout the year under their Painting It Forward program.

7. Veterans’ Discount

Pinot’s Palette offers veterans a 20 percent discount on the initial franchise fee. They also partner with VetFran, which is a national initiative that encourages franchises to offer veterans financial discounts, mentoring, and training as they pursue franchise ownership.

8. Painting Library & Artist Rewards

Using data systems, Pinot’s Palette is able to help franchisees select the best performing works and build calendars that fill the seats and give the promise of a fun night out. They also copyright all of their paintings to protect Pinot’s Palette intellectual property. Pinot’s Palette makes retaining talented artists a little easier, as well, thanks to their Artist Reward program. The Artist Rewards program encourages constant submissions of new artwork from around the country. Rewards are paid out every time their painting is used in any studio in the system.

9. Dedicated Supply Warehouse

Pinot’s Palette has a dedicated company, Paint and Sip Supply, that handles sourcing and delivers supplies to studios. With their extensive network of studios, Pinot’s Palette is able to leverage economies of scale and make sure their franchisees are getting the best deals.

10. Customer Service Center

Pinot’s Palette has a center dedicated to answering guest questions and helping them book events at local studios. The center manages all of the calls the studio receives during business hours, allowing owners to focus on building other areas of their business.

Pinot’s Palette clearly offers many benefits for prospective franchisees. But is it the right franchise for you? Charles Willis, the Co-Founder and President of Pinot’s Palette, offered his advice on choosing a franchise brand, “Do your research. Find a franchise you can really get behind and a franchisor you with whom you connect. Love your product and be willing to put in the work.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Pinot’s Palette you can learn more here. You can also see more top rated franchise brands here.

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