Jodi Glacer Finds Meaning in Her Senior Care Authority Business

Jodi Glacer is a Senior Care Authority franchise owner based in Boynton Beach, FL. She has owned her franchise since 2016.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

There are so many aspects of the business that I love. I really like to have variety throughout my work week. I schedule my calendar as I see fit. I have attended a networking event with other business people in the senior care arena, talked to potential clients on the phone and taken a family on tours of communities, all in the same day.

Why did you select your franchise?

I felt like my skills matched what was needed to operate this business. I could picture myself doing the work. Also, I live where people come to retire, so it seemed like a natural fit. And, I wanted my work life to have meaning; it is an honor to be able to help people through an emotionally difficult time. The low overhead was also a factor.

Was it hard to get started? 

I have a sales/marketing background, so many of the actual tasks were familiar to me.  There’s a ramp up just like any other job; I needed to learn about the healthcare industry too. The franchise included training, which really helped. It is a lot of work, but being that it was my business, I was eager and curious to learn as much as I could.

How did you fund your franchise?

I worked for one company for several years. When I was hired they gave me shares, which had increased in value. My old company bought me my new career!

What advice do you have for prospective franchisees?

I found it helpful to take stock of my skill-sets – the ones I’m good at and enjoy, as well as the ones I don’t. I also recommend business counseling, such as the US SBA, which helped me while I was getting started. Also, plan financially for a long ramp up.  Stepping into a business is not the same as stepping into a new job. People buy from people they like and trust. It takes time for people to get to know and trust you.