The Human Bean Franchise Rock Star Develops High-Octane Career Path

brooke bennett the human bean franchise rock star

Brooke Bennett embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by opening her first two The Human Bean franchise locations just three months apart, on January 13 and April 13, 2023. After spending three intensive weeks mastering operations at The Human Bean’s training facility in Medford, Oregon, Brooke returned to Colorado to launch her businesses and hire and train her teams personally. The simultaneous undertaking of two large construction projects and the complexities of launching a new business in an unfamiliar market might have overwhelmed some new franchise owners. Despite the demands of business and family life, she maintained a relentless drive, often humorously noting her reliance on soda and Cold Brew to get through. Her dedication paid off, as Clifton and Grand Junction, Colorado locations garnered raving customer reviews.

Brooke’s hands-on approach and active involvement in the franchise community led to her election to The Human Bean’s Franchise Advisory Committee. Brooke’s exceptional work ethic and dogged determination fueled her high-octane trajectory to multi-unit franchise success. She embodies the brand’s values and culture, making her an exemplary candidate for the Freshman Rockstar Operator Award.

Meet Brooke Bennett

Brooke and her husband Jackson have teamed up to make their entrepreneurial dreams a success. Juggling all the duties that come with launching two businesses at once and being a doting mom to four kids might be tough for some people, but Brooke sees it all as a blessing. Thanks to her tireless efforts, Grand Junction and Clifton, Colorado residents can now access an exquisite selection of farmer-sourced, blended-bean coffees, served quickly through The Human Bean’s purpose-built drive-through locations.

Why The Human Bean Franchise named Brooke their 2024 Freshman Rock Star

Brooke isn’t content to be a semi-active owner, but rather she enjoys getting right in the trenches with her employees, sometimes manning The Human Bean drive-through windows herself. It’s this kind of hands-on ownership that franchisors adore, as they know they’ve got a passionate franchisee in their network of franchisees. And one who never hesitates to pick up the phone and help others in need. Though she’s only been an owner for a year, she’s already made an enormous contribution to The Human Bean’s philanthropy efforts – three in all. Brooke contributed to her local community via new initiatives such as “Coffee for a Cure” breast awareness week, “Trees of the Future,” for environmental awareness week, and “Mochas for Men,” men’s health awareness week. Strong leadership and advocacy such as this led to her being added to The Human Bean’s Franchise Advisory Committee, a unanimous selection by her peer franchisees in the network.

In her own words, Brooke shares the story of her journey to The Human Bean franchise and Franchise Rock Star status.

During your research, what made The Human Bean franchise stand out?

My husband and I looked into many franchise opportunities when we started the process. The Human Bean stood out to us because we connected with the people who work at the support center. We loved that they give back to the community and that we could give back locally. We were also very interested because they don’t have any royalty fees.

How did The Human Bean franchise help you prepare for franchise ownership?

The Human Bean support center team has been helpful from day one with site development, training, the opening, and beyond. Their in-depth training was very helpful and provided real, day-to-day experiences that we would also experience after opening. The marketing team is also very helpful and provided many ideas prior to opening our stores.

What advice would you give to potential The Human Bean franchise owners? 

The Human Bean is family to us, and we have loved being a part of this franchise. If you want to be part of a family that supports and wants you to be successful, this is the franchise to consider.

Name three things that helped you ramp up quickly.

Hiring a strong staff and being able to train them well in advance of opening helped ensure a successful new store opening. We also got involved with the community prior to opening to get the excitement and anticipation going by offering samples of drinks that we made while training our staff. Since day one in the stores, I’ve been very involved in the training, hiring, and day-to-day operations, which has helped me establish good habits with our employees.

What aspects of franchise ownership surprised you the most?

The most surprising thing for us was the access to The Human Bean support team and the amazing support they provide on a daily basis if we need it. We can call them and ask questions about anything; someone is always available to help us.

What are your long-term goals? 

We would love to open more locations in and around our community. We would like to be even more involved in our community, doing our own givebacks in addition to the ones we are already involved in. We would like to continue to get our name out there as a business that supports other businesses and the community. We also would love to mentor and support other current or future franchisees.

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