The Learning Experience Franchise Rock Stars Create a Franchise Empire

The Learning Experience Rock Stars

Elias and Melody Garcia are no strangers to running a successful business together—or six of them, for that matter. Since 2010, they’ve been The Learning Experience franchise owners, an early education center for children from infancy through preschool. Taking an analytical approach to their joint entrepreneurial ventures has paid off well, as the couple always plans, forecasts, measures, and incentivizes their way to long-term success in their early childhood education franchise empire. 

Meet Elias and Melody Garcia—The Learning Experience Franchise Rock Stars

The couple has established an enterprise operation with multiple locations of their The Learning Experience schools and increased their footprint across three different markets in their home state of North Carolina. In doing so, Elias and Melody have proven that husband-wife duos can thrive as business owners, as each has the other’s back – no matter the situation. 

Why The Learning Experience Franchise Chose These Top-Performing Rock Stars 

The Learning Experience made what had to have been an obvious (and possibly unanimous) decision to bestow Top-Performing Rock Star status on Elias and Melody Garcia. On what basis were they awarded this high honor from their corporate partners? It has a lot to do with the fact that they’ve basically doubled their operation – going from three to six Learning Experience schools in the last 18 months alone. After taking over and transforming two underperforming schools along the way, they’ve set their sights even higher. The Garcias plan to open two additional The Learning Experience locations in the next two years. The innovators Elias and Melody even created their own convention to motivate the teams that work under their direction. But it’s not all business all the time. The Garcia’s are committed to sharing their training and development practices to give back to the communities where they live and work. And they’re perennial contributors to the Make-A-Wish program as part of their comprehensive philanthropical efforts. Noting that one of their teachers was named “Teacher of the Year” by The Learning Experience, the brand felt that Elias and Melody were the right choice to be honored as “Rock Stars” in the Top Performer Category.

In their own words, the Garcias describe their journey to franchise ownership and their path to franchise rock star status.

During your research, what made The Learning Experience franchise brand stand out?

Simply put, The Learning Experience is the undisputed leader in the industry. Characters teach the curriculum.

How did The Learning Experience franchise help you to prepare for and launch your business?

The Learning Experience provided everything we needed in the form of comprehensive training, operational support, ideation, and more. The brand basically checked every box when it came to our expectations – and then some.

What advice would you give to potential The Learning Experience franchise owners?

We believe that there really is no better brand in the business. They’re also attentive to the feedback provided by franchisees in the network and strive for constant improvement. 

Name three key things that empower your success as a top performer.

There are many we could name, but the three most impactful for empowering our success have been operational excellence, maintaining a strong balance sheet, and the ability to empower our leadership.

What is your proudest achievement as a Top-Performing Rock star so far?

We’re extremely proud to have had the opportunity to take over a couple of underperforming early childhood education locations, which helped us double our business in the last 18 months.

What drives you? How do you stay motivated and on track to achieve success?

Maintaining our trusted analytical approach. We plan, forecast, measure, and incentivize as we look to make our organization a long-term home for all our teachers and employees.

Exploring The Learning Experience Childhood Education Franchise Opportunity

The Learning Experience specializes in providing early childhood education services. When investing in a franchise opportunity with The Learning Experience (TLE®), franchise owners are partnering with the leaders and innovators in the childcare and education sector.

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