The PostNet Franchise Would Wrangle and Clone This Rock Star If They Could

PostNet Franchise Rock Star

It’s rare to find young individuals who shine equally as bright in their professional lives as their personal ones, but that defines Derek Wachter—a PostNet franchise owner in Aurora, Colorado. His history with the brand goes back a decade, as he worked his way up the PostNet franchise ladder in the store his father owned. Thanks to his exceptional on-the-job training, Derek could finally buy the business from his dad and became the location’s new owner in 2020. His dad would go on into retirement, making this PostNet transition a legacy succession—one of the key benefits of franchise ownership that many take advantage of. Since the purchase, Derek has been running just as tight a ship as his father ever did, becoming a stalwart member of the local community where he and most of his customers know one another on a first-name basis. 

Meet Derek Wachter—PostNet Franchise Millennial Rock Star

Derek is what many PostNet executives would call a “model owner,” as he represents the mission and core values of the brand right down to a T. He’s also a fiercely dedicated family man with a wife and two young children, the latter of which is still an infant. To Derek, nothing is more important than protecting his family and work-life balance, a trait that PostNet encourages in all their franchisees. In addition to being a model owner, Derek is also committed to helping others—going above and beyond whenever there’s an opportunity to lend a hand. He’s been so instrumental in this regard that his reputation among other franchisees led to him being named the chair of PostNet’s Franchise Advisory Council—quite a feat for someone who’s only 27 years of age. 

In his own words, this PostNet Millennial Franchise Rock Star describes his journey to franchise ownership and rock star status. 

Why PostNet Franchise Leadership Chose This Rock Star 

It’s no secret that the Wachter name carries some weight in the PostNet network. By now, everyone agrees that Derek’s selfless example is reflected in the old adage, “…like father, like son.” But Derek has forged his reputation after stepping out of his dad’s shadow. He is a dependable business owner with a relentless passion for contributing to the brand’s success—on any level you can name. He often travels well outside his own territorial region to meet and connect with other PostNet owners to gain a better understanding of running a successful operation. Along the way, he’s networked successfully and rightfully gained the trust of his peers. For this and many other reasons, PostNet determined that Derek is basically the poster child for FBR’s “Rock Star” status.

During your research, what made the PostNet franchise brand stand out?

Upon my research, PostNet was the most attractive option for me, as the brand focused on community and satisfaction for the franchisees. PostNet went above and beyond to make sure franchisees were happy and satisfied. After meeting with the franchise headquarters staff and the PostNet Franchisee Advisory Council, it was apparent how much support franchisees get. As a 23-year-old, I wanted to ensure I could get all the support I needed to open up my first business.

How did PostNet franchise leadership help you to prepare for and launch your business?

Before ever stepping into my store, PostNet offered abundant in-person and digital training. They offered an extensive new franchisee training course that taught everything from opening the store to executing outside marketing techniques. PostNet also has an advisory council that provides the franchisee network with mentors, an extensive library of video education materials, and step-by-step instructions for running your business successfully. I felt extremely comfortable walking into my business on Day One and was fully prepared for success!

What advice would you give to potential PostNet franchise owners?

PostNet not only provides franchisees with a substantial framework to run a small business, but they also continue to expand on the portfolio of services we offer as a brand. With optional services that may cater to particular demographics, PostNet allows franchisees to expand their business to the extent they are comfortable with. Above all, PostNet has allowed me to run my business while raising a young family! PostNet is for all entrepreneurs, whether you are just starting out or looking for your next investment. PostNet is also a great option if you are looking to pass your business on to the next generation. I purchased my PostNet location from my father, who had owned it since 1999. After 21 years of business ownership, he decided to sell the business to me and seek temporary employment before fully retiring. PostNet aids owners in the process of multi-generation ownership and offers a fast track to success for those eager to pursue it.

Name three key things that empower your success.

  1. It’s important to me to run an honest, transparent business. I do not hide the fact that we have markups on certain services, but instead, we use our great services and commitment to our community as an opportunity to bring value to PostNet’s Services.
  2. Realizing that even the smallest customer is vital to the success of my business. PostNet has focused on the entire customer spectrum, offering convenient services to build a better rapport within our communities.
  3. I run my business not only for myself but for my community. Building a better and stronger community around me by offering the best services possible is one way to ensure our locality is on track to thrive! The better my community does, the better my business does!

What unique aspects do you bring to business ownership as a millennial franchisee?

I believe the diversity I have experienced in my upbringing has contributed to the success of my business. While being educated with more traditional business values, I can adopt a hybrid approach to both traditions and modern technology. My father trained me, who ran a very tight ship, but I could also bring modern ideas and creativity to build a solid foundation, thereby creating a booming business!

What might surprise people about Millennial business owners?

Millennial business owners are unique in that they expect to meet the needs of a changing society more than ever. They are extremely flexible, adapting very quickly to a quite unpredictable world. With technology being paramount to the success of most businesses, Millennials have been forced to master the art of physical and digital marketing, doing their best to capture the attention of all target audiences as to the services we provide.

Exploring the PostNet Franchise Opportunity

PostNet is a versatile franchise that provides various business solutions, including printing, shipping, and mailbox services. Catering primarily to small businesses and local communities, PostNet prides itself on offering personalized services that meet each customer’s unique needs. From high-quality printing for marketing materials to reliable shipping and mail management, PostNet positions itself as a one-stop shop for business support services. The franchise integrates the latest digital technology to enhance efficiency and customer experience.

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