The Senior Care Authority Franchise Rings A Bell for This Rock Star Angel—Giving Her Wings

Senior Care Authority Franchise Rock Star Erin

When your franchisor celebrates your accomplishments and calls you a Rock Star Angel, you know you’re doing plenty of things right. The Senior Care Authority franchise describes one of its exemplary franchise owners, Erin Dwyer-Busch, in this manner. A franchise owner who has helped the aging and disabled live better lives for the past six years, Erin goes above and beyond her business duties in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. The entire community is well served, valued, and cherished by one of the most generous individuals you’ll find anywhere. 

Meet Erin Dwyer-Busch—Senior Care Authority Franchise Rock Star

One consistency you’ll find with Erin Dwyer-Busch is her inherent ability to put others before herself. Her servant-leadership style extends beyond people to include pets, as you’ll see. Erin is actively involved in multiple organizations that conduct charitable activities. From the Alzheimer’s Association and Dogs on Duty (she’s a trained animal support handler) to various senior citizen and veteran causes, Erin seldom turns down an opportunity to make a personal contribution. It makes one wonder how she has time left over for family, but if you’re inclined to think she doesn’t, you’d be wrong again. Erin is the proud mother of six children – three biological and three stepchildren. It goes without saying these members of the younger generation are getting a front-row seat to witness what it takes to be a remarkable, loving, and caring human being. What she’s teaching them by example is how to truly make a difference in the world while not being afraid of the sacrifices one has to make along the way.

How Erin Earned Senior Care Authority Franchise Rock Star Status in the Giving Back Category

Where to start? The Senior Care Authority didn’t have much of a difficult decision in bestowing “Rock Star” status on Erin Dwyer-Busch. Aside from her business achievements, which are beyond impressive in their own right, Erin is a walking, talking example of the best of the best. Let’s share why, but we caution you – the list is long, so it’s featured below in bullet point fashion:

  • Erin volunteers with the Alzheimer’s Association annually, helping with the walk committee, welcoming committee, and various fundraising activities.
  • Erin often makes educational presentations in the community on topics that include the dangers of senior social isolation, senior driving privileges, and the value of long-term care planning.
  • Erin volunteers with Dogs on Duty, a pet therapy program for seniors, and makes numerous visits to senior care facilities with working support canines.
  • Erin once served as an expert witness in a guardian-elder abuse court case, later testifying in front of the Missouri legislature to advocate for a bill designed to protect a senior’s right to privacy and choice – similar to the Family Choice Act that recently became law in Colorado.
  • Erin is a founding member of The Inside Network, a professional development organization. Each year, she leads the Christmas Caroling effort at various senior living communities and organizes holiday card campaigns for seniors needing contact and uplifting messages.

Simply put, the Senior Care Authority franchise realizes that the only thing missing from Erin is a pair of visible angel wings.

In her own words, Erin shares her journey to franchise ownership and rock star status. 

During your research, what made the Senior Care Authority franchise stand out?

Senior Care Authority stood out because it offered residential placement and eldercare consulting services. Offering both of these services enabled me to meet clients exactly where they were and stay in their lanes-not mine. It was truly about serving the clients and their families at whatever stage they were in at the time.

How did Senior Care Authority franchise leadership help you prepare for and launch your business?

I received in-person training on securing contracts and how to structure my day, and I attended experiential eldercare consulting sessions led by Marcy Baskin prior to my business launch. The franchisor, Frank Samson, flew out to St. Louis to spend several days with me, and Marcy was always quick to walk through difficult cases or scenarios with me on the consulting side of the business.

What advice would you give to potential Senior Care Authority franchise owners?

I advise potential franchisees to work with a CPA or accountant before setting up a business bank account and QBO. Also, meet with as many different people as you can in the beginning—you never know where your connections may lead to future clients or referral partners.

Name three things that empower your success.

  1. Ethical business practices
  2. Passion for helping others
  3. A team of honorable senior care advisors

What are the causes closest to your heart and why?

Causes having to do with animals, children, and the elderly are closest to my heart because they are the most vulnerable populations. It is my desire to give a voice to those who often go unheard and unnoticed. This is why I foster through Stray Rescue, host free CarFit events for our local senior citizens, and co-chair the Welcome Committee in our local Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

How does business ownership empower you to give back or “pay it forward”?

Running my own franchise allows me the freedom to give to multiple charities and non-profits of my choosing through different sponsorship opportunities and by donating my time and resources. My company often works with clients pro bono to give back. I am grateful to have a team of women working with me who support my philanthropic goals and love to serve others as much as I do!

What is your proudest achievement as a Senior Care Authority franchise rock star?

My proudest achievement is helping to raise six trustworthy children, three biological and three stepsons, to adulthood who want to make a difference in this world and who are not afraid to make sacrifices.

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