Todd Hopkins, President, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

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Why do you think your franchisees rate your leadership team so high?

We are committed to helping them achieve their goals and dreams. We believe in training and developing them as leaders. Our franchisees appreciate and value that. We also recognize serving as a part of leading. As we serve and help our franchisees succeed, we succeed.

What traits do you look for in a franchisee?

What we look for is:

  • A can-do attitude
  • People who are drawn to our culture
  • A track record of good decision making
  • The desire to learn, grow, and succeed
  • Passion to own their own business
  • The ability and desire to follow a proven system

How would you describe your brand’s culture?

Our culture is very strong and clearly understood. It is the glue that holds us together. When you ask our franchisees what they like best about Office Pride, most will answer “the culture.” Our faith-based culture is very unique – franchisees embrace and live out our core values, which has contributed greatly to our favorable brand image.

What advice would you give to other franchise leaders?

  • Show you care. Call franchisees when you have no agenda.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Franchisees respect being in the know. We have often been so busy making changes to help our franchisees that we failed to let them know about the changes in a timely fashion.
  • Simplify system improvements. Training or retraining better on the systems you have is oftentimes better than changing systems.
  • Protect the system and the brand. Don’t let rogue franchisees hijack your joy. The good franchisees are worth it.

Who/what inspires you as a leader?

I’m inspired by God’s Word, Chick-fil-A, the next generation of leaders who want to grow and learn, my pastor (Pastor Q), as well as many others, mostly through books, such as Bill Hybels and Dr. Tony Evans.

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