Why Connie Chandler Purchased The Minuteman Press Franchise Where She Worked

Connie and Darryal Chandler purchased their Minuteman Press franchise in Humble, TX in 2010. Connie shares her thoughts regarding getting started in franchising and what her and Darryal’s experience has been like with Franchise Business Review.

What led you to enter franchising?

I was a teacher and Darryal worked in aviation management. After doing our research and speaking to others, we knew franchising was right for us because it would provide us with the knowledge base and experience we needed to start and grow a successful business.

What have you found particularly beneficial about being a franchisee vs. if you had started a business from scratch?

The biggest advantages are the help, support, assistance, and knowledge we get from Minuteman Press on both the corporate and local levels. It’s a huge asset to us. I can call my local field rep or someone at corporate including the President and CEO, who will call me right back. Having that kind of support and high level of access when we have questions or needs is really something that sets Minuteman Press apart. I am able to leave the shop for a day or a week and knowing my employees can also call the Minuteman support team if I am not readily available.

Why did you select Minuteman Press?

I was actually working part-time at the Minuteman Press location we purchased. The owner was retiring and Darryal and I saw buying the business as a great opportunity with potential for growth.

“Look into the business and examine everything fully in order to understand its true potential.”

What should people considering purchasing a franchise do?

Ask yourself if you are going to put in the effort that it takes to build the business and do your homework. Look into the business and examine everything fully in order to understand its true potential.

What advice do you have for a franchisee in his or her first year of business?

Get involved in the community and network, network, network. Getting your and your company’s name out there as much as you possibly can is crucial to building your business.

Also, if you buy an existing business, it’s important to learn as much as you can from the previous owner and to assess the employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Always hire slow. You don’t want to hire before you have the business to support it.

“We did not take vacations for the first few years, but take about three vacations per year now.”

What is your work/life balance? 

When we first opened, we were at our location or out networking. We did not take vacations for the first few years, but take about three vacations per year now. You want to know you have staff who can run the business well if you’re not the shop.

What kind of support did you get from fellow franchisees?

A little after we started, we were given the name of a Minuteman Press franchise owner who had a shop that was a similar size as ours. We spent the entire day with that owner and to this day we are still not only friends but we can lean on each other for advice. As we’ve met more and more fellow franchisees, our support network has grown even further.

What has your business growth been like?

In the first four years, we doubled the business. We’ve increased every year since then.

For more information about franchising with Minuteman Press, call (800) 645-3006 or visit https://www.minutemanpress.com/

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