A Place At Home Franchise Owner, Fatema Kapasi, Works Her Magic in Dublin, Ohio

fatema a place at home franchise rock star

The magic happens when a franchisor and franchisee candidate’s core values, culture, and background align. These shared characteristics build a strong foundation for franchisee success. Such is the case with Fatema Kapasi, A Place At Home franchise owner living her dream. With over 10,000 individuals in the U.S. reaching the age of 65 every day, it’s clear that the market demand is robust and will likely continue to grow for some time. Still, owning and operating a business catering to seniors takes an exceptional individual. Not only do they need strong business acumen, but also a caring and compassionate heart. Before joining the A Place At Home franchise in January 2024, Fatema enjoyed a 20-year career in healthcare as a licensed physical therapist. She began exploring senior and home healthcare career opportunities when she decided to pursue an entrepreneurial life. What impressed her the most about A Place At Home was how the brand aligned with her culture and vision for caregiving—especially the overwhelming emphasis on helping clients maintain quality of life. Falling in love with A Place At Home, Fatema established a thriving practice in her hometown of Dublin, Ohio, where she enthusiastically follows the ideals and values of the brand’s philosophy of CARE: Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Ethics.

A Place at Home is fortunate to have Fatema Kapasi working her magic in her community, and so are her clients and their families. In her own words, Fatema shares the story of her journey to A Place At Home franchise ownership.

Why did you purchase a franchise rather than start an independent business?

I went with a Franchise that aligns with my culture and vision so I could get the appropriate support for the logistics involved and focus on growing.

Were you focused on a specific industry or brand from the start?

Yes. I knew I wanted to work in senior care and health care.

Which of your skills are most helpful in operating an A Place At Home franchise?

My business development skills helped me grow my A Place At Home franchise and meet the needs of my community. My strong clinical background has also been helpful.

When researching A Place At Home, what criteria mattered to you most?

The willingness of A Place At Home to support and encourage my growth—professionally, personally, and financially.

Did you speak with other A Place At Home franchise owners?

Yes, I spoke with several A Place At Home franchisees before I made my decision. I asked them about their work-life balance, day-to-day challenges, vision for the business, and growth strategies.

Which questions did you ask A Place At Home franchise leadership?

I asked the A Place At Home team questions about the challenges in the first year, the successes and failures of the other franchisees in years one and two, and so on.

What were your biggest challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge was hiring quality caregivers who would represent our brand and provide top-quality care and customer service. We persisted in finding the right caregivers who embodied our core CARE values.

How does A Place At Home support and encourage your success?

A Place At Home promotes a culture in which all the franchisees are, for the most part, a tight-knit community. We can lean on each other for support, questions, or just to vent. We celebrate each other’s successes and learn from them. We always uplift and motivate each other to do our best.

What are you most proud of as an A Place At Home franchisee, and why?

I am most proud when I see my clients being served in their homes. The care we provide significantly improves their quality of life, and it is heartwarming to see the bond the caregivers create with them.

What advice would you give to potential A Place At Home franchise owners?

Take one day at a time and trust the process. You get out of your business what you put in.

To learn more about the A Place At Home franchise opportunity, visit aplaceathome.com/franchise/FBR, email [email protected], or call (402) 957-0048.

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