Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise Owner Creates Mechanics on a Mission

Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owner, and 2023 Franchise Rock Star in the Giving Back category, Andrew Slemp, is a third-generation mechanic and second-generation franchise owner. Slemp bought his Christian Brothers Automotive franchise in 2021 and immediately leveraged this business to benefit his community in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. As many people are already aware, Christian Brothers Automotive is a faith-based company that provides auto repair and maintenance services with transparency, integrity, and a philosophy that puts people before profits. As you’ll note in this recent interview with franchisee Andrew Slemp, it’s an ideal way to give back richly to the communities they serve.

One of Andrew Slemp’s favorite bible verses is Matthew 7:12, which states, “In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s something that Slemp takes to heart in all he does. His business is imminently focused on helping the less fortunate in the community, in addition to providing employees with a positive working environment and healthy, livable wages. Slemp has already proven his commitment to going above and beyond what the franchisor expects of franchisees, setting a high bar and fine example for others to follow. And his contributions have often been paid forward themselves—by others he’s served. Slemp believes that even the smallest action on one person’s part can have an amazing and multiplying impact on the lives of others. 

Commit Thy Works, and Thy Thoughts Shall be Established

The Book of Proverbs contains a verse that reads: Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established. Andrew Slemp decided to do that and more through his Christian Brothers Automotive franchise. Of his own volition, Slemp wasted no time going above and beyond the call of duty. In conjunction with his local church, he initiated a nonprofit organization of his own, “Mechanics on a Mission,” a program that matches those in need with critically needed auto repairs – all at no charge. His shop simply donates the parts and labor necessary to get someone’s vehicle back up and running, a gift that can be life-changing. But that’s not all the nonprofit does. They also host a series of classes in partnership with the Youth in Christ organization. The purpose is to provide basic car care and maintenance classes for teen mothers who otherwise wouldn’t have such a resource. Dependable transportation is a critical need for this target audience, something that Andrew Slemp inherently understands. 

Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise Gives Back

There’s no question that Andrew Slemp’s “Mechanics on a Mission” nonprofit is a benevolent organization, fixing up badly needed repairs for car owners desperate to keep their vehicles on the road. But he decided this alone wasn’t enough. Slemp took things an extra step and began looking for vehicles he could fix up and donate to those who have no personal transportation. In 2022, they gave away five vehicles to recipients such as single mothers, caretakers, and even a parolee who’d become a motivational youth speaker. This year, they’re on track to donate an additional seven more. The outcome can often be overwhelming. “10 years ago, we donated a car to a young lady getting out of a bad situation. A few months ago, she came back in and donated a car for us to give to someone else, as she has turned her entire life around and is doing so well now. Another time, a customer sold a car to us very cheaply so we could fix it and donate it. We gifted it to a single mother whose own car was in rough shape. She then gave us her car to salvage and give away to someone else in need. We then took her car, and with the help of several other organizations in town, we were able to fix her old one up and give it to a man who was just getting out of prison (after 40 years). He had begun mentoring troubled youth but had no way to get to the meetings for his organization. We gave him this car, and he has continued to lead youth in the Nashville community away from trouble and towards Jesus.”

Living the Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise Mission

Andrew Slemp personifies what it means to be an owner of a Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee. Not only does his shop provide a vital service for the community, but he’s extended his charitable giving in ways that have encouraged others to do the same – the ultimate example of paying it forward. He simply loves being a business owner. Every aspect of it. “I love to lead a team, love coaching, and love winning as a team. I was never cut out to sit behind a desk and do the soft-side business work. The most rewarding aspect of owning this business is in helping our youth prepare to lead the future as they find a better path in life. I also love animals and love to help with animal rescue organizations. Christian Brothers Automotive provides excellent support, coaching, and a solid family and spiritual environment. What’s not to like about that?”

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