From Employees to Owners, These Shutterbugs Earn TSS Photography Franchise Rock Star Status

tss photography franchise rock stars

When Steve and Lindsay Verdun met years ago, they wondered what professional adventures they could explore together. Today, not only are they some of the top performers among all TSS Photography franchise owners, but their bond as husband and wife creates a caring, community-oriented vibe in their Illinois-based business. They first worked as employees for a TSS Photography owner and made the leap to franchise ownership in 2007. Seventeen years later, the Verduns are a bedrock for school, sporting, and special event photography in their community. Their images are thoughtful, impactful, and attention-grabbing. The duo is currently the third best-performing franchise in photo lab sales and has seen a 9% increase yearly in total sales. 

In their own words, Steve and Lindsay share their story of transitioning from employees to rock stars of the TSS Photography franchise, enjoying family and work-life balance along the way.

During your research, what made the TSS Photography franchise stand out?

We started working as employees for a local franchise owner in 1999. Over the years, we became more involved in his business from every aspect. He talked highly of the franchise office and lab, and as we became more involved, we also felt that same connection and realized that having a brand behind a photography business was something that really set TSS Photography apart.

How did the TSS Photography franchise help you to prepare for and launch your business?

We were in a unique situation as a franchise resale. The transition was very easy since we were heavily involved in the business before we bought in. TSS has provided us with constant support and training opportunities every year for the last 17 years.

What advice would you give to potential TSS Photography franchise owners?

Talk to other franchise owners. Learn the ins and outs, the good and bad. Being a business owner is amazing but also demanding. Ensure you have a team to lean on locally and with your brand.

Name three things that empower your success.

Three things that really empower our success are our ability to work together as a couple, having a reliable team behind us, and boundaries. Even before we were married, we worked jobs together. Most of the time, we compromise and complement each other as business partners. We each have strengths and have learned where each other thrives or needs support. Having a reliable team behind us is also key. Not only dependable local staff but also solid technology, an amazing print lab, and people we have leaned on over the years behind the TSS Photography brand help us thrive.

What are the key benefits of owning a franchise with your family?

Flexibility. Having more control over our family schedule and prioritizing family time when possible is important. It is why we said “yes” to TSS 17 years ago. Knowing we wanted to start a family, I wanted to stay home and be present with our kids as much as possible. Our twins are now 13, and we have an 8-year-old. Our business has grown significantly over the last few years. Thanks to the flexibility we enjoy as TSS Photography franchisees, my time is a little more freed up. I feel so fortunate that I can control my schedule and that I was able to be mostly at home with the kids as babies and toddlers. As they have all gotten older, I can attend field trips, volunteer at school, and be there for most sports activities. We have some very busy times of year when life is crazy, but being able to take that time to be present for the kids and as a family when we want to is the best.

Does the TSS Photography franchise encourage succession planning?

I would say our franchisor doesn’t necessarily encourage this. But a few years ago, we started looking to the future more and wondered what the value of our business was and where our future could lead. They were more than willing to help us assess our business value and offer insight on the potential for future sales/resales, and they provided us with insight from other franchisees who were in similar situations.

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