HomeWell Care Services Franchise Owner Followed his Passion and Earned Rookie of the Year

Discovering a perfect match in a franchise opportunity is the most important decision for entrepreneurs. For those with extensive career experience, it may be a similar opportunity in a related industry. For others, it can easily come down to something totally new and different. That’s one of the key advantages of following the proven business models of franchise concepts, not to mention the training and support provided to franchisees. When Jeffrey Clark of South Texas was ready to explore business ownership, he worked with a franchise broker who helped him narrow his search to senior care franchise opportunities. That’s when he discovered the HomeWell Care Services franchise—and it was a perfect fit. 

“I Didn’t Want to Start Over at My Age…”

A 30+ year sales and customer service veteran of large corporations in both the medical device and early education fields, Clark was looking for an opportunity to own a family business of his own that he could operate with his sister, Meredith. But he wasn’t willing to begin again at square one to get there. “I didn’t want to start over in the corporate world at my age. I felt the need to do something on my own and with the idea that my sister could play a key role. I also wanted to be in a position to completely guide the direction of the business and control my own performance and destiny.”

Making the Leap to HomeWell Care Services Franchise Ownership

That destiny ended up being HomeWell Care Services, a leading provider of in-home care suited to meet the specific needs of a wide range of clients. To date, the franchisor has 40 establishments in communities across the U.S. Clark worked with a franchise broker to locate suitable opportunities, focusing on businesses where he could express his passion for helping others. The validation from other franchisees in the system ended up being a big influence on Clark’s decision to go with HomeWell Care Services. “I spoke with three other owners and also shadowed a nearby franchise for four days. I wanted to understand their initial experience but also wanted to understand their day-to-day activities. I wanted to understand the opportunities and challenges that came in the first two years and also wanted to understand what 3rd party support I would need to run the business.”

Kickstarting a Caregiving Career

After signing with HomeWell Care Services in 2021, Clark was assigned his own franchise business consultant to help guide him through the launch of his new business. That assistance, along with the backing of a dedicated support team from the corporate office, helped Clark and his sister navigate the complexities of setting up shop in their new market of New Braunfels, Texas. Once again, the other HomeWell Care Services franchisees rallied to his side. “What’s nice about HomeWell is that all of the owners across the country are very open to sharing their ideas and collaborating. This is probably where we get most of our support now.” He found the most challenging aspect was establishing and securing the approval of an immense caregiver referral network, the lifeblood of his new operation. 

Jeffrey Clark and his sister Meredith quickly learned the ropes. After their licensure to operate was granted by the state of Texas, they rolled up their sleeves and began networking their way to success. For Jeffrey, the quest wasn’t just about business; it was personal, too. Having witnessed his grandmother’s caregiver take financial advantage of her, he knew he never wanted to see another person have to go through such a situation. He poured himself into learning everything he could about the various caregiving options available to people – knowing that every situation is completely unique in its own way. Having an empathetic approach is key in this industry, and Clark did everything in his power to become a skilled, compassionate, and committed franchise owner. 

Another HomeWell Care Services Franchise Success Story

Thanks to Jeffrey and Meredith’s hard work, their HomeWell Care Services business picked up momentum and began to thrive. As positive online reviews began to accrue, the number of caregiver referrals increased. After his first full year of operation, Clark was feted with the brand’s “Rookie of the Year” award, an honor he felt was extra special considering the competition he was up against. “I’m extremely proud of the reputation we’ve been able to establish in such a short amount of time.” His success led him to make a bold decision to expand right away, and Clark has since purchased two additional territories in the larger San Antonio market to his south.

Clark is imminently pleased with the way things worked out. Starting a business of your own can be one of the greatest challenges. But Clark discovered, rather quickly, it can also be one of your greatest triumphs.   

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