Janice Blasinsky Describes Rewarding Career with Any Lab Test Now

Name: Janice Blasinsky and Angela Yaniga

Location: Medina, Ohio

Franchise Owner since: 2021

FBR: What was it about the Any Lab Test Now franchise that led you to purchase it?

JB: Recognizing the changes in the healthcare industry, led us to believe an Any Lab Test Now franchise provided us an opportunity to make available to our community an alternative to their choice in lab testing services. Providing consumers the ability to take direct control of their health without the necessity of a physician’s order for health and wellness.

FBR: What type of business experience, education, or skills did you have prior to becoming a franchisee that you have found particularly helpful?

AY: As owners of a professional medical business for over 20 years, our previous experiences have been invaluable to our growth and success with Any Lab Test Now. 

FBR: What do you like most about owning a franchise?

JB: Most profound has been the opportunity to provide resources to our community so they can gain knowledge about their own health and wellness. It has been extremely rewarding! Every day, we look forward to working directly with customers, local businesses, and government officials.

AY: It’s truly an honor to be part of our customers’ wellness journeys. Recently, when our affordable pricing allowed a customer to get more tests than her doctor had initially prescribed, the physician was able to detect and diagnose her cancer at an early stage.

FBR: What advice do you have for prospective franchise buyers?

JB: Ensure that you invest your time and resources in the day to day operations of your franchise.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with Any Lab Test Now, call 770-250-3393 or visit www.AnyLabTestNow.com/franchise.

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