Junk King Franchise Owner’s Passion for Junk Leads to Career Renewal

Marnie Prince Junk King

Marnie Prince spent nearly a decade in the banking and finance industry in Canada. While working with different clients and their financing needs, she was required to bone up on different industries to see how they operated. In 2018, one such business sector caught her eye—junk hauling and operations management. Marnie found the subject to be a bit intriguing and it eventually became the focus of her entrepreneurial plans. Being in banking, she already had a working knowledge of franchising and the advantages it provides for those looking to launch a business of their own. During the investigative process, she had three specific requirements for a junk hauling franchise opportunity. She wanted a nationally recognized brand name, a concept that stays current in the marketplace, and readily available access to key performance indicators (KPIs) to help her gauge her performance. So, she went about the validation process in a serious manner – peppering existing franchisees with tough questions. Sufficed to say, the answers were convincing, and she purchased her first Junk King franchise in 2021 in Tucson, Arizona.

The Power of the Junk King Franchise Owners’ Network

Marnie Prince appreciates the camaraderie of being in a tight-knit franchise network such as Junk King. To her, it’s more of a community that often feels like family. “When you open a franchise you get to be a part of a family. And it’s the family at Junk King that continues to be important to the success of my business. Each franchise owner brings a different perspective and different skills to the organization that make us stronger together.” Another brand aspect that Marnie appreciates is the eco-friendly approach that Junk King takes to junk removal. Discarded items are never taken on a one-way trip to the landfill. Rather, the employees carefully inspect what’s being removed, looking for anything that’s still useful and in working condition. They then make sure that these items are earmarked for a new destination – any number of charitable organizations that can still find use in what someone else has recently forfeited.

A ”Passion” for Junk

Though it may sound a bit strange, Marnie readily admits that she has a “passion” for junk. She simply loves the fact that, deep down, it’s an interesting business to own and operate. Every new customer provides her Junk King franchise with the opportunity to sort through, ahem, interesting castaways. But Marnie simply loves what she calls “bringing new life to a homeowner’s backyard” once the job is complete. It also doesn’t hurt that environmentally sound business practices and sustainability are two of her biggest pursuits, and she’s proud to be helping future generations reduce waste. As for her day-to-day activities, there’s really only one primary goal: Getting bookings and filling the calendar with jobs. Thanks to her financial background, business acumen, and passion for junk removal, Marnie has done quite well for herself since opening her first Junk King franchise back in 2021. Thanks to her quick success, she’s purchased additional territories in Mesa, Phoenix, and Surprise, Arizona – making her a multi-unit franchise owner. For Marnie, expansion was always part of the master plan. “I’ve always believed that growth is necessary to ensure that a business doesn’t get left behind.” With 20 employees now working for her enterprise operation, it’s not likely that she’ll be feeling left behind any time soon.

Junk King—Moving Trash and Treasures

It’s been said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, a sentiment that Marnie Prince gets to experience each and every day as a multi-unit Junk King franchise owner. But the curiosity that comes from each new job isn’t the only thing that appeals to her. She takes great pride in the tenets of Junk King’s business model. One of the biggest accomplishments she cites is in having the absolute best crew of employees to help her run the four locations she oversees. There’s also an acronym she loves to share when speaking of her approach to business ownership with Junk King. “For me, it’s all about building a RICH business, which is an acronym that stands for Respect, Integrity, Customer-Focus, and Having fun in the process.” It’s this approach that’s helped Marnie secure the respect and admiration of her customers, many of whom have left glowing reviews about her services. She’s earned corporate awards for customer satisfaction, but what she’s most proud of is having dozens of 5-star Google reviews online for others to see.

For Marnie, there’s a bigger purpose at work. The way she sees it, each new day brings an opportunity to contribute to society’s approach and preparation for the future. To pave the way for it, sometimes it takes removing items that were better served in the past.

For more information on the Junk King franchise opportunity, visit franchising.junk-king.com, email [email protected], or call 1-888-887-JUNK.