Watch Now: Multi-Unit Owners Discuss the Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Opportunity

Wild Birds Unlimited Webinar

Franchise Business Review’s president and COO, Michelle Rowan, spoke with Paul Pickett, CDO of Wild Birds Unlimited, and multi-unit franchise owners Mark and Danielle Motley to learn more about the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise opportunity and what it takes to become a successful multi-unit franchise owner.

In this webinar, we discuss all of the great tools Wild Birds Unlimited provides its franchisees to help to drive their success—including marketing support, financial guidance, franchisee surveys, regional specials, and support—and the important steps franchise owners can take to create a successful Wild Birds Unlimited franchise of their own.

We interview two franchisees who reveal how they got started as franchise owners and the franchisee support within the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise system. In fact, Danielle was once a WBU employee; today, she is a successful multi-unit franchise owner! We also discuss the key strategies franchisees Mark and Danielle used to help their businesses grow and thrive.

We also hear from Paul Pickett, CDO of Wild Birds Unlimited, about the myriad ways in which Wild Birds Unlimited supports its franchise owners and the best practices for investing in Wild Birds Unlimited franchise ownership.

Watch the Webinar Replay Now:

Michelle Rowan, president and COO of Franchise Business Review


Paul Pickett, CDO of Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise
Mark and Danielle Motley, Multi-Unit Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Owners

It’s no wonder actual franchisees rate the Wild Bird Unlimited franchise opportunity in the following ways: 

  • 96% of franchisees are likely to recommend Wild Birds Unlimited to others.
  • 90% of franchisees enjoy operating their business and being part of the organization.
  • 95% of franchisees rate the local market competitiveness above average, exceeding the overall benchmark by +14%.

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