Snap-on Tools Franchise Rock Star is Grateful for His Father’s Mentorship

snap on tools franchise rock star Javier Sanchez

Javier Sanchez’s journey to becoming a Snap-on Tools franchise Rock Star is a story deeply rooted in his father’s mentorship and values. His father, Julio Sanchez, emigrated from Cuba to the United States in the early 1960s with nothing but determination and a dream. He worked tirelessly in various jobs until a chance encounter with a Snap-on Tools Field Manager changed his life. He became a Snap-on Tools franchise owner. Growing up, Javier watched his father build his business, earning numerous accolades. Though he initially resisted following in his father’s footsteps, he eventually joined him in 2014 as an employee, leaving behind a lucrative but unfulfilling career. Immersing himself in the Snap-on Tools franchise business, he discovered a passion for building relationships and solving customer problems, eventually leading him to purchase his first Snap-on Tools franchise in 2022. Reflecting on his journey, Javier is grateful for Snap-on’s unwavering support and advanced technology and—most importantly—his father’s mentorship as instrumental in his success. 

This is Javier’s story of how embracing his heritage, the values instilled by his father, and the support provided by his franchisor have made him proud to be recognized as Snap-on Tools’ 2024 Multi-Unit Franchise Rock Star.  

What made you choose to purchase a Snap-on Tools franchise?

My journey to becoming a Snap-on Tools franchise owner is interesting. My father, Julio Sanchez, came to the USA from Cuba in the early 1960s. With little money in his pocket, he worked odd jobs and construction before he met a Snap-on Tools Field Manager who thought he could become a great franchise owner, so he did! I grew up watching him build his business and admired him greatly as he regularly brought home awards and trophies. While one might think that I immediately jumped at the opportunity to learn the business from my father, I was stubborn and wanted to carve my own path to success. However, that detour was short-lived, and in 2014, I left a job that paid good money but gave me little fulfillment to work alongside my father on his Snap-on truck. In a short period of time, I fell in love with the business: building relationships and helping customers solve their problems. I also saw the potential for growing the business. In 2022, I bought my first two franchises, and in 2023, I opened my third. I’m so glad I stopped being stubborn and stepped into the driver’s seat. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

How did the Snap-on Tools franchise help you to prepare ownership?

Snap-on helped me launch my business at every step of my journey to becoming a multi-unit franchise owner. While my father was the perfect mentor for me, Snap-on Tools was always there to support me in a variety of ways. One way that Snap-on has made my life incredibly easier is the technology that enables me to make sales and collect payments with the click of a button. This is light years faster than it was for my father. Another way Snap-on helped me launch my business is the incredible support team that genuinely cares about my performance and has my back.

Name three key things that empower your success as a Snap-on Tools franchisee.

While many things have empowered me as a franchisee, reason #1 is definitely my father, Julio Sanchez. My father was a disciplinarian growing up, but we became close friends when I worked alongside him. He’s not just my dad; he’s my friend and the first person I go to for advice. I had a front-row seat to greatness in action. It was more than just learning how to run the Snap-on business. I learned to practice all the life lessons he taught me through operating the business. The most important things that are required to run a business effectively came from him: my values, my work ethic, my decision-making, my relationship-building skills, and my managerial style. While many things have empowered me, the list starts and ends with my father. Thank you, Dad!

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