Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise Names 2024 Family-Owned Franchise Rock Stars

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You’re already a rock star when you’re a successful franchise owner and parents to 10—yes, 10—children. When the Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise chose Joey and Sandi Fotheringham as their 2024 Rock Stars in the Family-Owned category, they made it official. Joey and Sandi operate their photography business in the vibrant Houston suburb of Katy, Texas. They took a leap of faith and dove into entrepreneurship in 2020. After carefully reviewing and comparing several other photography-related business opportunities, their decision came down to the training, culture, quality, and reasonable startup costs offered by Spoiled Rotten Photography. With a strong emphasis on following God’s plan for their family, they’ve now enlisted the help of two of their children, A.J. and  Dannielle, to assist with operations. And everything is going according to plan.

Meet Joey and Sandi Fotheringham—Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise Rock Stars

Joey and Sandi are refugees from Corporate America, where they previously enjoyed successful careers in the telecom industry. But they both knew when it was time to chase their true passions in life, one that combined their love of children and photography. When they finally decided to pursue an entrepreneurial life, they knew they wanted a business that would benefit the residents of their longtime community. They believe that photos are more than mere images. They’re cherished keepsakes that have captured many of life’s special moments. And the walls of their home can certainly attest to that, with portraits to be found wherever you turn. As Spoiled Rotten Photography franchisees, Joey and Sandi specialize in celebrating children during their formative school years, which has worked out quite well for them over the past four years. 

Why Spoiled Rotten Photography Chose These “Rock Stars” 

Joey and Sandi are more than a highly skilled photographers working their ultimate dream job. Even with the vast amount of commitments and demands on their time, they somehow find a way to help others. They say that Joey is a natural salesman who contributes to the overall success of the franchise system. But what’s special are the proactive steps they’ve taken to share their knowledge and insights with the other franchisees in the network. After all, how many other successful (and BUSY) franchise owners would take the time to participate in frequent live chats on the network’s internal broadcast channel? And how many others would take the time to plan, launch, and execute an internal sales support community forum designed to help other franchisees with new account acquisitions? Answer? None. This is why Joey and Sandi Fotheringham were a unanimous Rock Star selection in the Family-Owned category.

In their own words, Joey and Sandi share their success story of becoming part of the Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise family and family-owned franchise rock stars. 

During your research, what made the Spoiled Rotten Photography brand stand out?

The start-up costs and image quality were significantly better than those of other franchise options we reviewed.

How did the Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise prepare you for business ownership? 

The founder, Melissa Tash, led us through an intensive training process, and the corporate team walked us through the paperwork to set up the business step-by-step.

What advice would you give to potential Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise owners? 

Be prepared to get out of it what you are willing to put into it—and jump in!

Name three things that empower your success.

  1. Asking for God’s guidance every day
  2. Teamwork with the Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise Family
  3. Teamwork with our Spoiled Rotten Photography Katy Family/Team members
  4. Loving on the families we serve

What are the key benefits of owning a Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise with your family?

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Through our Spoiled Rotten Photography business, we get to share life and watch our children grow professionally! AJ is our son. He is a multitalented young man who makes handmade leather products and artistic designs. He has an amazing creative spirit, and he does our photo editing.  Dannielle is Joey and Sandi’s daughter and one of their photographers. She is a beautiful, very kind, and loving young woman who loves the children and takes beautiful photos. We have four photographers, including  Dannielle and the two of us, and an exceptional team that feels more like family than employees. We love what we do and are so blessed when others love it, too!

Is succession planning part of your family’s business plan?

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We are open to God’s plan for our future and that of our family. If He shows us His plan one day, we will follow that road. At this time, we are on this road together and enjoying it to the fullest.

Explore the Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise Opportunity

Spoiled Rotten Photography provides training and consulting to cover every business area, including online pre-training, 11 days of in-person training, on-site grand opening assistance, and ongoing professional development. Franchisees always have access to the corporate support team to keep owners at the top of their game.

To learn more about the Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise opportunity, visit spoiledrottenphotographyfranchise.com, email [email protected], or call (256) 607-8275.

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