Cruise Planners Rock Star Delivers Once-in-a-Lifetime Memories

Kyle Cruise Planners Franchise Rock Star

Kyle Nichols has owned and operated a Cruise Planners franchise in Winter Park, Florida, since 2020. No stranger to the entertainment industry, his pedigree includes stints with the Walt Disney Company and Carnival Cruise Lines. Today, Kyle’s specialty is planning and executing bespoke, small-ship cruise adventures—and his clients and franchisor will tell you he’s quite good at it! For this reason and many others, Cruise Planners has recognized Kyle as their 2024 Millennial Rock Star. This also indicates that Kyle is just getting started and has plenty of years ahead of him to keep wowing his growing client base with first-class service and lifetime memories. 

Meet Kyle Nichols, Cruise Planners Franchise Millennial Rock Star

No two trips or vacations are alike, but Kyle’s clients at Cruise Planners routinely come back from their journeys eager to give him rave reviews and testimonials thanking him for his work in planning their personalized adventures. Thanks to his prior background working for Disney and Carnival Cruise Lines, it’s safe to say he’s quite adept at providing a superior customer experience—which is exactly why his client roster continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Kyle has an innate understanding of his client’s most pressing needs: the urge to get away, the need to be pampered, and the desire to experience something unique during their valuable time off. And Kyle delivers, time and time again. Kyle has found the right blend of passion, customer service, and authenticity, which his clients and franchisor recognize. 

Why the Cruise Planners Franchise Chose This Rock Star 

To illustrate one example of Kyle’s talent as a Cruise Planners franchisee, he once researched, developed, and executed a one-of-a-kind, six-week odyssey throughout the African continent for a client, featuring an intimate cruise on the Nile River, a Disney-backed Safari experience, and enough immersive encounters that he delivered the ultimate trip of a lifetime. Small-ship cruise planning is all about providing unique experiences, which is what fuels Kyle’s passion.  

In his own words, Kyle describes his journey to Cruise Planners franchise ownership and Rock Star status. 

During your research, what made the Cruise Planners franchise brand stand out?

While researching travel franchise brands, I was impressed by Cruise Planners‘ transparency and abundance of information. The franchise sales team exceeded my expectations with their communication, focusing on thoroughly answering my questions rather than pressuring me to sign paperwork and pay. They were both professional and incredibly personable. I was also struck by the quality of the materials I received during my inquiry process. Every video, PDF, booklet, and webpage was expertly designed to provide the information I needed without overwhelming me and to generate excitement for my future with Cruise Planners. The proprietary technology created by the home office team particularly excited me. I looked forward to becoming part of the CP family, whose strong sense of community was evident even from an outsider’s perspective.

How did the Cruise Planners franchise help you to prepare for and launch your business?

I’ve always felt supported throughout my journey with Cruise Planners, from the early days of onboarding to the present. Whether I was diving into training sessions, grappling with technology, or navigating partnerships, Cruise Planners had my back every step of the way. One of the major draws for me in choosing Cruise Planners was their stellar marketing team, available right from the start. Initially, marketing wasn’t my forte, but I found my footing with their guidance. My Business Development coaches have been like trusted companions on this adventure, offering their wealth of industry knowledge whenever I needed it. The accessibility of both the Business Development and Care Teams has been a game-changer, providing on-demand personal and professional assistance through every twist and turn. As I’ve grown in my role, my coaches have become more than mentors—they’ve become friends. While I may have underestimated the importance of technology in the travel industry at first, the tech team of Cruise Planners quickly showed me its value. The tools and programs they’ve built into our systems are lightyears ahead of what I could have imagined, making my job easier and more efficient. Plus, the best part? I get to tailor it to fit my business needs without extra cost.

What advice would you give to potential Cruise Planners franchise owners?

One of the key benefits of considering a Cruise Planners franchise is the extensive support system, including access to a comprehensive list of current franchise owners available for independent one-on-one conversations. Over the past few years, I have spent countless hours speaking with prospective franchise owners, consistently sharing the same sentiment: I wish I had signed the paperwork sooner. The decision can indeed be daunting, filled with uncertainties and financial considerations. However, my experience has shown me that joining this remarkable family of advisors and franchise owners has been profoundly rewarding. I often advise potential franchisees to have a glass of wine and sign the papers, knowing they will not regret their choice. I certainly haven’t.

Name three key things that empower your success.

The key to my franchise’s success is undoubtedly my husband, Robert. His strengths perfectly complement my weaknesses and vice versa. I managed the franchise solo for the first three years, during which Robert’s constant promotion brought in more inquiries than I had anticipated. As the business grew, it became clear I couldn’t handle it alone, so we decided to bring Robert home from his state job. He took over the land travel segment, an area I struggled with the most. My competitive and stubborn nature drove me to prove wrong those who doubted our decision to buy a travel agency during COVID-19. I was determined to succeed, and I believe we’ve achieved that. As a classic Type-A personality, having consistent standard operating procedures was crucial. These procedures provided a foundation and confidence and allowed me to sustainably grow myself and our business.

What unique aspects do you bring to business ownership as a millennial franchisee?

As a millennial franchisee, my technological edge has greatly benefited me as a business owner. Our proficiency with technology and social media helps us market and grow the business and brings our less tech-savvy clientele into a space where they feel more confident and comfortable. This is especially crucial in an industry that relies heavily on an online storytelling experience. Adaptability is another key strength, allowing us to quickly adapt to changing market trends and consumer preferences. I’ve been fortunate to inherit clients from retired travel advisors, and on multiple occasions, they have expressed their excitement about a younger, more refreshed perspective on travel. Millennials, including myself, tend to be very value-driven in their everyday lives, which translates to understanding which vendors and products align with our clients’ values. Personally, I am environmentally responsible and enjoy doing volunteer work when I travel. Matching clients with brands that share their values and offer such opportunities enhances their travel experiences beyond just another trip to the Caribbean or Italy that anyone can offer.

What might surprise people about millennial business owners?

People might be surprised to learn that millennial business owners often exhibit a strong work ethic and financial savvy, defying stereotypes of laziness and poor money management.

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