Dedicated Franchisee, Holly Holton, Named Rookie of the Year by Right at Home Franchise

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With Holly Holton’s deep knowledge of the healthcare sector and commitment to developing outstanding caregivers, it’s unsurprising that her South Columbus, Ohio, Right at Home location is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the company’s network. Holly was recently named Rookie of the Year by the corporate office, an annual award the brand gives to franchise owners who’ve demonstrated remarkable financial performance, dedication to clients and caregivers, and outstanding contributions to the organization’s mission. Not only has Holly’s commitment to excellence, hard work, and passion for providing top-notch care to seniors and adults with disabilities set her apart, but her Right at Home franchise has also earned the most revenue in its first year of business.

Since spring 2022, Holly’s team of caregivers has helped seniors and individuals with disabilities stay in their homes by assisting with meal preparation, personal hygiene, light housekeeping, and more. After spending 28 years in occupational therapy leadership roles, Holly sought a career change, and she couldn’t be happier to have found Right at Home.

“I started out as a field therapist, and over many years worked into management, supervising about 20 therapy departments,” she said. “I was vice president of operations for a therapy company, and I just got to the point in life where I wanted to try something different. We had used in-home care for my grandparents for years, so I experienced firsthand the benefits of that type of care.”

Over the past two decades, there has been a significant shift in seniors’ preferences regarding aging in place. The number of seniors choosing to live in nursing homes has declined, while the number opting to live at home has seen a steady increase. This trend, coupled with the growing preference for older adults to remain in their own homes, has led to a surge in demand for caregivers who can help them live as independently as possible.

The Right at Home franchise has seen consistent growth, serving the needs of nearly 84 million Americans who will turn 65 by the year 2050. Founded in 1995 by former hospital administrator Allen Hager, Right at Home has expanded to include over 700 locations in six countries and employs more than 90 support staff at its global corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Demographics and client preferences signal that Right at Home franchise owners will have ample opportunity to address the growing demand for in-home care.

Holly’s Journey to Joining the Right at Home Franchise System

Initially, Holly and a colleague were looking at ways they could bring therapy services to seniors when outpatient clinics shut down due to COVID-19. That’s when Holly started meeting with in-home care companies and looking at several senior care franchises before choosing Right at Home.

“Right at Home matched my values and goals,” she said. “It was the right fit!”

After talking with multiple Right at Home franchise owners and learning about the extensive support the franchise provides its franchisees, Holly discovered that the company had an open location in her area. Her colleague also decided to invest in a nearby Right at Home territory. Together, the two women were able to navigate the franchise process, which they both found helpful during the start-up phase.

The initial process of exploring a Right at Home franchise opportunity typically takes 30 to 60 days. During that time, prospects get to know the company and attend a Discovery Day, where they meet the Right at Home leadership team. During the due diligence stage of the process, prospective Right at Home franchise owners are also encouraged to speak with other franchisees and ask as many questions as they like to learn about owner experiences.

“When exploring franchise ownership, people asked me, ‘Why would you join a franchise? You have management experience. Why wouldn’t you do it on your own?’” she said. “But there are so many things to do to set up your own business—QuickBooks, a chart of accounts, liability insurance, establishing a name or brand. I wanted the training, support, proven processes, and structure of setting it all up that Right at Home provided. I didn’t want to go it alone; I wanted to join a recognized brand that demonstrates its strength and growth and has a strong franchisee network. I wanted Right at Home.”

While confident that she could manage and grow a business, being a part of Right at Home allowed her to hit the ground running, launch her website quickly, develop a marketing plan, meet state licensure requirements, and set up her accounting and scheduling systems. Now that she’s in business and growing, Right at Home tailors support to meet her changing needs.

The company provides each franchise owner with robust training, tools, resources, and a personal Business Performance Coach that helps owners launch and grow their businesses over time.

Why the In-Home Care Agency Model Works

holly holton right at home franchise rookie of the year 2024While many families opt to seek out private caregivers, they risk being left in the lurch if that caregiver calls out sick. Holly was first introduced to in-home caregivers through her grandparents, so she experienced the highs, lows, and risks. However, because her grandparents used an agency when they needed extra help, her family could choose from a selection of caregivers who best suited her grandparents’ personalities, and they had backup if needed.

“My grandma wasn’t always the easiest to get along with, and so it was important finding those caregivers that knew how to handle her,” she said. “Both of my grandparents have passed away, and to this day, my mom and my aunt stay in contact with a couple of the caregivers who took care of my grandparents for years. They became a very important part of our lives.”

Holly and her team work hard daily to bridge the caregiving gap, help seniors live at home safely, and provide peace of mind for their families. Right at Home meticulously trains its caregivers, carries liability and worker’s compensation insurance, and meets state licensure requirements—benefits some private caregivers can’t offer.

“If something happens with a private caregiver and they get hurt, for example, that could be a huge liability. We try to point out risks like that when speaking with prospective clients about the benefits of Right at Home,” she said. “We strive to accommodate our clients’ needs and are flexible. We have some clients who use a private caregiver for part of the time and use our caregivers part of the time. We’re happy to be that backup and support for the consistency of our clients.”

Growing Her Right at Home Franchise Business

Holly credits her background in health care for her franchise’s rapid growth. In her previous career, she has already connected with key referral sources, including skilled nursing facilities and physician groups. She also understood how insurance worked and could easily communicate with referral partners. Still, launching the business required training, hard work, and long hours.

“I worked my tail off. The first year was rough because I never said no. There were times when I would be at dinner with my husband, and the phone would ring, and it would be my scheduler or a client. The caregiver didn’t show up, and I would leave to fill that shift,” she said. ”It was a lot at first, but I think that it absolutely paid off in dividends. I wasn’t asking my caregivers to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.”

By working out in the field, Holly got to know her caregivers, see how they performed on the job, and better understand their skills and personalities. Her caregivers said they had never seen an owner cover a shift before, something Holly said is important to do because it showed her caregivers she was dedicated to clients and willing to support them.

Today, Holly has an office team to help her manage various aspects of the business. Her scheduler helps match caregivers with clients and schedule shifts. A full-time recruiter hires applicants and oversees staff orientations. More recently, Holly hired a full-time marketing staff member. Adding support staff has enabled her to focus on growing a second location she purchased in December 2023.

“Because of the good service and reviews, we were able to grow,” she said. “I absolutely would not have done it any differently. I’ve recommended Right at Home franchise ownership to some friends in other states who said they would like to start a business. I have absolutely no doubt that becoming part of a franchise was a good move.”

Advice for Those Considering the Right at Home Franchise Opportunity

Holly strongly suggests that anyone looking to enter the in-home care space seriously consider investing in a Right at Home location. Not only does the company provide thorough training and ongoing technical and business development support, but they also keep current with any new laws or mandates issued by the state and federal governments, she said.

Holly said that even though the corporate office will provide top-notch support, you should expect to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work in your first year.

“My number one advice to someone is, if you’re going to do this, you have to be ready to work—or have really deep pockets to hire people right away because it’s not easy starting out,” she said. “But if you have the drive, determination, a love for seniors, and you surround yourself with good people, I think everyone can be successful.”

It seems Holly has taken Right at Home Rookie of the Year to new levels!

Franchise Owners Recommend Right at Home Ownership

Holly isn’t the only one praising the Right at Home franchise for its commitment to franchise owners, caregivers, and clients. This year, Right at Home has won accolades from franchise and in-home healthcare organizations, earning a well-deserved place on Franchise Business Review’s list of the Top 200 Franchises in 2024—and many other FBR awards throughout the years. In fact, Right at Home has been a Franchise Satisfaction Award winner for the past 15 years, securely claiming a spot in the Franchise Business Review Hall of Fame.

A November 2023 Franchise Business Review survey of 169 active Right at Home franchise owners found that:

  • 94% said they were likely to recommend the Right at Home brand
  • 90% said that the company acted with honesty and integrity
  • 88% said they enjoyed being part of the Right at Home Family

Are You Ready to Start a Right at Home Franchise Business?

In-home care eases the burden for families needing help caring for their loved ones. Right at Home fills the caregiving gap and supports franchise owners looking to improve clients’ quality of life and grow their own businesses.

Investing in a Right at Home franchise can be lucrative, too. At the end of 2023, the average annual net billing per Right at Home office was over $1.55 million, with a 42.61% profit margin.

According to the company’s 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document, you must meet some financial requirements if you’re interested in becoming a Right at Home franchise owner.

  • Total startup investment: $88,700 to $160,725, including franchise fee
  • Franchise fee: a standard initial fee of $49,500 or $37,125 (offering a 25% discount for honorably discharged veterans)
  • Minimum Liquid Assets to be considered for a franchise: $150,000
  • Royalties: 5% of revenue

Right at Home franchise owners serve clients in specific territories and do not compete with one another. Each territory is defined by zip codes, including a population of at least 15,000 people aged 65 and older.

It’s essential to carefully research franchise opportunities: weigh your options, look at all the costs, and talk to current franchise owners to validate your understanding of the business. You should also be honest about the time and money you’re willing to invest in your business. Owning an in-home care franchise allows you to build wealth now and for future generations.

To learn more about the Right at Home franchise opportunity and request a free Right at Home Information Kit:

Call: 866-350-9770
Email: [email protected]

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