Mother-Daughter Home Care Franchise Owners Give Back to Community

Right At Home Senior Care franchise mother daughter team

Right at Home Mother-Daughter Team Provides Compassionate Care

Leading home care franchise, Right at Home, was founded in 1995 by former hospital administrator Allen Hager. When Allen witnessed older patients being released from the hospital only to struggle with inadequate care at home and then return to the hospital, he was determined to find a solution. He began developing a way to reduce hospital readmissions, provide ongoing assistance, and improve outcomes for the aging and disabled–all in the comfort of their homes. Today, Right at Home not only helps to improve the quality of life for its clients and their loved ones, but it also empowers franchise owners to find greater fulfillment in their careers and to give back to their communities.

Maeghan Scott and her mother Melodie Toby are the proud owners of a Right at Home franchise. The family-owned business was started by Maeghan’s father, Moses Scott 18 years ago after caring for his own mother who needed assistance with her day-to-day care.

“My father’s decision to own a Right at Home franchise grew out of his unwavering commitment to caring for my grandmother, Sophia, as she experienced Alzheimer’s disease,” Maeghan explained. “When it became clear that she required daily assistance, we didn’t know where to turn. It was the exceptional care my grandmother received from her own caregiver that opened my dad’s eyes to the importance of caregivers, as an extended part of the family. In struggling to find resources on our own, we realized what a scary and complex process it is to find the right kind of care for a loved one, and the life-changing impact that finding the right care can have.”

Moses had been working in corporate America for many years when he realized that he was feeling quite unfulfilled. He had always wanted to put his energies toward doing good for others. Then he learned of an opportunity to own a Right at Home franchise in his own community of Essex County, New Jersey–a community he loved.

“My husband’s process of selecting a business was quite thoughtful and thorough,” explained Melodie Toby, Moses’ wife and business partner. “After expressing his interest in a home care franchise, he was interviewed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). He answered several questions that attempted to discern the right business fit with Moses’ interests, skills, and personality. We both felt strongly that a home care franchise would be the optimal choice for him.”

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Finding the Right Fit with a Right at Home Franchise

Moses loved the story of Right at Home and its founder, Allen Hagar. Not only did he connect with the company’s mission, but he also realized the true value they provide the aging and disabled, their families, and surrounding communities. “The timing was right for us to start a Right at Home franchise as they were anxious to serve seniors in need in New Jersey,” Melodie said. “Fortunately for us, the Essex County territory was available–and we decided to be the ones to provide that service!”

After joining the Right at Home family, Moses received a great deal of help and support from other Right at Home franchise owners. “There was one owner, in particular, John Major, who became a fast friend of my father’s,” Maeghan explained. “He mentored him and walked him through getting set up, building his business, hiring staff. They formed a close bond that truly helped to shape our business. John and his family remain close friends of ours today.”

When hiring caregivers, Moses was extremely sensitive to the importance of only the best because of the care that his mother had received from her caregiver, Patty in Richmond, Virginia. “The loving care and attention my grandmother received from Patty in the waning days of her life,” Maeghan explained, “continued to be the impetus behind interviewing and hiring caregivers and establishing only the highest level of care. Dad wanted a Patty for everyone, and he wouldn’t settle for less.”

Owning a home care franchise allowed Moses far greater freedom to give back to his community than was available when he worked 10- to 12-hour days in corporate positions. As a Right at Home franchise owner, he joined the Chamber of Commerce as well as organizations that assisted the elderly and disabled in Essex County. Moses was also committed to volunteering his own time to provide one-to-one care for individuals in his community who could not afford private services.

Five years ago, after a brief illness, Moses passed away and his daughter, Maeghan joined her mother Melodie in Right at Home business ownership. The mother-daughter team is committed to honoring Moses’s devotion to his clients and his community.

“In all we do, we try to honor my dad’s commitment to providing the best possible care to every single client,” Maeghan said. “To assure every family that their loved one will be treated with respect, compassion, and loving-kindness. And to continue his work in giving back to our community through local organizations and volunteering to help those in need.”

Right at Home franchise owners can leverage their previous life experience and work skills, combined with the franchise’s proven business model and strong support system, to create a business that makes life better for clients, families, and communities.

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In Memory of Moses Scott, Right at Home Franchisee, Essex County, NJ