Ask the Franchisor: What Franchisee Training and Support Programs Are Offered By Your Brand?

Franchisors provide franchisee training and support to ensure consistency and adherence to brand standards and equip franchisees with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate their businesses successfully. Once the initial training is complete, the best franchisors provide ongoing training and support to enable long-term franchisee success. Training and support programs can vary significantly from brand to brand, depending on the business model and factors such as the complexity of the business model, industry regulations, and the specific requirements of the franchise system. 

In this five-part blog series, we’ll share insights from some of the leading franchise brands about what they look for in a potential franchise owner, how they train and prepare new franchise owners, and the common characteristics and disciplines that lead to long-term success. We asked franchisors to describe their franchisee training and support programs and how they help equip their franchisee network for growth and success.

Q: What Franchisee Training and Support Programs Are Offered By Your Brand?

natalie speakman learningrx franchise
Natalie Speakman, LearningRx

“The A Place At Home training staff is deeply knowledgeable of the nuances of home care and senior care. Our staff meets owners where they are and builds a training schedule around their calendars. Weekly scheduled trainings are just the start of our hands-on process. Candidates should expect hands-on training with experienced professionals determined to help them open their doors quickly and efficiently.” Mitchell Benson, Franchise Development Manager, A Place At Home Franchise 

LearningRx Franchisees receive comprehensive initial training, hands-on first-year coaching, regional meetings, and an annual convention. Continuing education and onsite support with an experienced LearningRx Center Director provide additional guidance on how to turn prospects into customers. LearningRx also provides marketing and advertising campaign support, professionally designed print ads, postcards, radio spots, digital marketing campaigns, a personalized website, and the LearningRx Magazine.”  Natalie Speakman, Director of Development, LearningRx 

Dr Janissa Jackson, LearningRx Franchise
Dr Janissa Jackson, LearningRx

“The franchisee training and support programs at LearningRx are amazing! Our initial success was way bigger than I ever expected! As a psychologist, I tend to be conservative and serious, but running a LearningRx center has been a joyful and rewarding experience. I can use my skills in a way that isn’t nearly as demanding as psychological testing. I love meeting with families and providing beneficial solutions. This is an incredible program.” Dr. Janissa Jackson, LearningRx Franchise Owner, River Valley, AR


The Glass Guru business model employs a growth plan in phases. This allows franchisees to optimize their performance with each phase in mind. Phases are structured strategically for scalability based on revenue, services offered, and team size, allowing us to support and market each franchisee’s status and location.” Jason Mitchell, VP of Marketing and Communications, The Glass Guru

Jessica Martin Payroll Vault
Jessica Martin, Payroll Vault

“We provide comprehensive training, ongoing support, industry conferences, and marketing support. We help franchisees differentiate themselves in this competitive industry. In addition to a three-day initial training, franchisees receive ongoing training and support via regular support calls, conferences, and complimentary American Payroll Association training. We support franchisees in implementing a successful multi-tiered marketing program, customizable marketing materials, and more.” Jessica Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, Payroll Vault 

At Cousins Maine Lobster, we commit to training franchisees across all aspects of our business. It starts by bringing franchisees to Maine, embedding them in the lobster community where they experience the working waterfront. We take them on the ocean with Maine lobster fishermen to see our sustainability practices. Franchisees learn how to prepare our products to ensure they meet brand standards.” Angela Coppler, Head of Development, Cousins Maine Lobster

Our comprehensive training includes digital training and a week-long, in-house training at corporate headquarters. That is followed by another week of in-field training with a successful franchisee. Sales training is a heavy focus throughout. New franchisees are equipped with all the necessary tools to hit the ground running! Monthly Zoom meetings are held by corporate to provide ongoing training and communication between the system as a whole and more!” Brittany Johnson, Chief Marketing/PR Officer,  Our Town America

The Any Lab Test Now Training Portal includes courses on business development, testing, services, operations, and customer experience. Franchisees can access on-demand courses and webinars throughout the onboarding and build-out journey. Approximately two weeks before opening, franchisees receive additional in-person training at a mock store in Atlanta. We continually add new training courses, webinars, regional meetings, and franchisee conferences.” Terri McCulloch, Vice President, Business Development, Any Lab Test Now

Jeff Bevis Caring Senior Service Franchise COO
Jeff Bevis, Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service training and support programs are process-driven throughout our pre-training, training, and pre-opening segments. Pre-training includes five days of virtual training curriculum and five days of in-person training in small classroom settings. Our training segment is centered around a personalized,16-week process that includes a two to three-day onsite visit and weekly calls for every new owner to maximize success!” Jeff Bevis, COO, Caring Senior Service

In conclusion, franchisors play a pivotal role in shaping the success of their franchisees by imparting essential knowledge and skills during the initial training phase. And the best franchisors go beyond this foundational training. The relationship between franchisors and franchisees should be built on a foundation of long-term commitment, comprehensive training, and ongoing support.

It’s important that franchisors continue to provide robust support programs that evolve with industry changes, regulatory updates, and the unique needs of their franchise systems. This commitment to ongoing franchisee training and support ensures not only consistency and adherence to brand standards but a stronger franchise system as a whole. Ultimately, the collaborative effort to empower franchisees fosters a resilient network that can stand the test of time.

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