Ask the Franchisor: What Skills, Characteristics, or Qualities Do You Look for In a Franchise Owner?

Franchise Business Review has been empowering franchisors and potential franchise owners through data, insights, and industry expertise since 2005. Our research shows that the stronger the franchisee network, the stronger the franchise system. That’s why each happy franchise owner positively contributes to the strength and success of the overall franchise system. In this five-part blog series, we’ll share insights from franchisors about what they look for in a potential franchise owner, what sets their franchisee training and support programs apart from the competition, what it takes to be a successful franchise owner and more.  

Not all franchise systems are created equal, and not every candidate is right for every brand. Aspiring entrepreneurs want to know what makes one industry, brand, or system a better fit than another. The truth is, there are many factors that come into play—individual preferences and goals, professional skills and experience, location, industry, culture, values, franchisor training and support, and the strength of the franchisee network—to name a few.

In this five-part blog series, we’ll share insights from some of the leading franchise brands about what they look for in a potential franchise owner, how they train and prepare new franchise owners, and the common characteristics and disciplines that lead to long-term success. In this article, we share what franchisors have to say about the skills, characteristics, or qualities they look for in potential franchise owners.

Q: What skills, qualities, or characteristics do you look for in the ideal franchise owner? 

Prospective buyers often question whether they possess the right qualifications to become a franchise owner. It is natural for candidates to feel a sense of uncertainty. But don’t let this discourage you from becoming a franchise owner. Most franchisors are committed to offering comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure the success of their franchisees. However, aspiring entrepreneurs should recognize that certain industries and brands may better align with their personality traits, skills, values, and goals than others. Conducting thorough due diligence is paramount in the decision-making process. By researching and evaluating potential franchises, individuals can identify opportunities that resonate with their strengths and aspirations, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a successful and fulfilling venture. Here’s what franchisors had to say about finding the ideal candidate. 

Brittany Johnson Our Town America Franchise
Brittany Johnson, Our Town America

“The ideal Visiting Angels candidate strongly desires to help their community and build relationships. They should have good business acumen, listening skills, open-mindedness, and willingness to work as a team and strive for the system’s success. A team mentality that includes helping fellow owners and neighbors is also important.” Jerry Cpaccio, Associate Senior VP of Franchise Development, Visiting Angels

“The ideal Our Town America candidate is energetic, proactive, community-oriented, sales-driven, and consultative. A marketing background is not required, but it is helpful. Our most successful franchisees are relationship builders. They are driven and look forward to being out in the community, networking, and partnering with businesses daily. They can see how we help local businesses grow their bottom line through our various marketing and advertising services. Many of our franchisees are multi-unit owners. Also,  veterans excel in our program.” Brittany Johnson, Chief Marketing/PR Officer, Our Town America

Senior Care Authority provides in-depth training and ongoing support to help franchise owners succeed. We provide over 100 hours of franchisee training and a training curriculum dedicated to Eldercare Consulting. Our Fast Start program provides on-the-job training to get franchise owners up and running quickly. We also offer a Beyond Driving with Dignity Certification Program, through which franchisees can help seniors and their families address diminished driving skills with compassion and respect.” Laura Alexander, VP of Franchise Development, Senior Care Authority

Jason Mitchell The Glass Guru Franchise
Jason Mitchell, The Glass Guru

At The Glass Guru, no glass industry experience is required. Candidates with business and leadership skills make great franchise owners. As a home services brand, having a greater understanding of standard business practices and consumer-facing services is ideal.” Jason Mitchell, VP of Marketing and Communications, The Glass Guru

Cousins Maine Lobster franchise candidates come from all walks of life. While many have experience owning and operating a business or franchise, it’s not essential. The most successful prospective franchise owner should have three important characteristics—an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for people, and a relentless desire to drive growth. We seek those hungry for success and committed to hiring, training, and retaining top talent to ensure they deliver outstanding guest experiences!” Angela Coppler, Head of Development, Cousins Maine Lobster

“A Place At Home Franchise owners are deeply committed to providing compassionate, consistent care to seniors. They know how to communicate with families in trying times and motivate team members to serve with love and understanding. Those who come to the table with a compelling ‘Why’ could make great owners at A Place At Home.” Mitchell Benson, Franchise Development Manager, A Place At Home Franchise

Paul Pickett Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise
Paul Pickett, Wild Birds Unlimited

“The culture of Wild Birds Unlimited makes franchise ownership attractive to candidates from all walks of life. We embrace diversity. We look for smart, thoughtful people with a greater view beyond themselves. These characteristics make great franchisees and great leaders. Empathy is also important for engaging with customers and understanding their needs.” Paul Pickett, Chief Development Officer, Wild Birds Unlimited

At Any Lab Test Now, we look for community leaders with a sales growth mindset. We want ambitious franchise owners passionate about optimizing their territory. We look for interpersonal communication and collaboration skills. Finally, we want owners passionate about helping their communities by empowering health and wellness.” Terri McCulloch, Vice President, Business Development, Any Lab Test Now

“We look for candidates passionate about making a difference in their communities and creating a business with purpose as a franchise owner! Also, those with solid management experience and strong communication and organizational skills tend to thrive. It’s also critical to enjoy working with and helping others in this line of work.” Jeff Bevis, COO of Caring Senior Service

“The most successful LearningRx franchisees show a personal passion for changing lives through the power of brain training to make learning and life easier for their clients. Our top franchise owners possess high personal confidence, have natural people skills, show consistency in advertising investment, build an effective referral network in their community, and follow LearningRx sales and business systems closely.” Natalie Speakman, Director of Development, LearningRx 

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