Ask the Franchisor: Does Your Franchise Value Franchisee Feedback & Franchisee Satisfaction?

Franchisee satisfaction is crucial for the success and sustainability of a franchisor’s business model. Satisfied franchisees are more likely to adhere to operational standards, deliver consistent customer experiences, and remain committed to the brand. Valuing franchisee feedback fosters open communication, identifies operational improvements, and strengthens the franchise system.

By prioritizing franchisee satisfaction and actively seeking feedback, a franchisor can enhance collaboration, mitigate potential issues, fine-tune its operational strategies, and ultimately drive the long-term success and growth of the entire franchise network. As a result, the entire system becomes more resilient and adaptable. We asked some of the leading franchise brands to tell us how they value, gather, and respond to franchisee feedback. 

Q: Does Your Franchise Value Franchisee Feedback & Franchisee Satisfaction?

Visiting Angels franchisees are our lifeline. Franchise owners are thoroughly trained and have direct communication with their field director, home office staff, and executive-level leadership. We communicate weekly via regional and local meetings, three business builders yearly, and a three-day annual conference. Franchisee satisfaction and keeping our franchisees informed and connected is our priority.” Jerry Capaccio, Associate Senior VP of Franchise Development, Visiting Angels

Jerry Capaccio, Visiting Angels Franchise
Jerry Capaccio, Visiting Angels

LearningRx has an active franchise advisory board representing each region across the US and Canada. Our advisory board meetings allow franchisees to communicate with the LearningRx executive team and share feedback, concerns, and celebrations for open discussion. Many of our franchise system’s annual and quarterly project goals come from franchisee feedback at advisory board meetings to address feedback and implement new ideas.” Natalie Speakman, Director of Development, LearningRx 

“The annual franchisee satisfaction data we receive from FBR is invaluable—not only to inform Leadership of what’s going right and areas for improvement but also to attract and inform new candidates. We share all of our data with candidates. We’re often told that this level of transparency makes them even more comfortable with our brand and franchise development process.” Paul Pickett, Chief Development Officer, Wild Birds Unlimited

“Franchisee satisfaction is the lifeblood of The Glass Guru brand! Our support structure is designed to provide complete transparency. From our “Guru HQ” intranet to our support ticket process, we have built two-way communication that is second to none! Our Coaches and Franchise Owners have a sea of relevant data. We consistently gather feedback from our franchisees through internal communications, surveys, emails, webinars, and ideation with our Franchise Advisory Committee. The support and communication we supply directly reflect our core values, which is the foundation of our culture.” Jason Mitchell, VP of Marketing and Communications, The Glass Guru

“In addition to participating in FBR’s Franchisee Satisfaction Survey, which provides valuable insights that enable us to celebrate our wins and address areas for improvement, we offer a three-month Mentor Program with a seasoned franchisee, a Franchisee Advisory Board consisting of seasoned franchisees, annual regional conferences with smaller breakouts to enhance ongoing education and training, special task groups for specific initiatives, and two franchisee conference calls per month.” Laura Alexander, VP of Franchise Development, Senior Care Authority

“Caring Senior Service is highly focused on franchisee satisfaction. We see it as the ultimate report card to measure our performance as a franchise system. It measures how effectively we serve, support, and do whatever it takes to enable owner growth, expansion, and success! We take added steps every year to conduct an objective survey of all franchisees’ satisfaction and conduct two extensive all-day, in-person sessions with owners to expand, explain, and discuss their feedback with our franchisor leadership team.” Jeff Bevis, COO, Caring Senior Service

Angela Coppler Cousins Maine Lobster
Angela Coppler, Cousins Maine Lobster

“Our franchisees are the heart of our business. The strength of our franchisee network empowers our ability to drive evolution and persevere in the face of adversity. We have regular calls with franchisees and spend time with them in the market to further enable their success. In 2023, with the intention of becoming more inclusive across our franchise community, we initiated FBR to survey our franchisees. We found the resulting ratings and insights to be specific and actionable. Diversifying our touchpoints through calls, market visits, advisory council meetings, and the annual FBR survey enables us to build stronger relationships with our franchisee system.” Angela Coppler, Head of Development, Cousins Maine Lobster 

Any Lab Test Now believes consistent communication and franchisee support are imperative to the success of our brand. After a new franchise owner opens their store, they are introduced to their Franchise Business Coach (FBC). Through monthly meetings and ongoing coaching, the FBC answers franchise owners’ questions or connects the owners to the proper subject matter expert in marketing, finance, or lab testing. Franchisees are encouraged to join committees such as our Franchise Advisory Council and beta test groups. Finally, communication is key, and town hall meetings are hosted each week to invite feedback and keep the lines of communication open.” Terri McCulloch, Vice President, Business Development, Any Lab Test Now

Mitchell Benson, A Place At Home Franchise
Mitchell Benson, A Place At Home

“A Place At Home is focused on evolving. Dozens of franchisees have tested our training programs and marketing strategies, but we’re always looking for ways to improve. Outside of our internal feedback programs, we look to external survey systems that help us understand opportunities to celebrate or chances to tweak our offering. We review every submission and can point to multiple changes made directly from the feedback.” Mitchell Benson, Franchise Development Manager, A Place At Home Franchise 

“Payroll Vault understands that franchisee satisfaction is crucial to the success of the entire franchise system and works diligently to ensure that franchisees feel supported, valued, and heard. The company values an open and collaborative relationship with franchisees, encouraging them to share their suggestions, concerns, and ideas for improvement. Franchisee feedback enables us to adapt and evolve our training, support, and systems to meet the needs of franchisees and empower their success.” Jessica Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, Payroll Vault 

In conclusion, prioritizing franchisee satisfaction and valuing franchise owner feedback isn’t just a gesture of goodwill; it’s a strategic imperative for franchisors aiming for sustained success. By fostering a culture of collaboration and actively listening to franchisee voices, brands can identify areas for improvement, fine-tune operational strategies, and foster a more resilient and adaptable franchise network. The insights gained from franchisee feedback serve as a compass, guiding franchisors toward innovation, efficiency, and, ultimately, the collective growth of the entire franchise system. As we’ve learned from these industry leaders, the key lies not just in soliciting feedback but in earnestly responding to it, transforming challenges into opportunities, and forging stronger, more prosperous partnerships.

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