Ask the Franchisor: Which Traits & Characteristics Contribute to Franchisee Success in Your Franchise System?

Every prospective franchise buyer brings distinctive skills, goals, values, and professional and life experiences to the decision-making table. Despite the diversity among potential franchisees, successful franchisors often identify common strengths and traits shared by their most accomplished franchisees. This recognition aids in aligning candidates with brands that best complement their unique attributes, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership that thrives on individual strengths within the broader framework of the franchise system. 

In this five-part blog series, we’ll share insights from some of the leading franchise brands about what they look for in a potential franchise owner, how they train and prepare new franchise owners, and the common characteristics and disciplines that lead to long-term success. Here’s what franchisors have to say about the common traits and skills demonstrated by their most successful franchisees. 

Q: Which Traits and Characteristics Contribute to Franchisee Success in Your Franchise System?

Laura Alexander Senior Care Authority
Laura Alexander, Senior Care Authority

“The ideal Senior Care Authority candidate has a sales and marketing background, although healthcare sales and marketing backgrounds are not required. Also, those who have gone through placement with a parent or loved one approach this business with compassion and understanding and tend to do well. You must be outgoing and comfortable with relationship building, face-to-face marketing, and networking within your community. Candidates with C-level professional experience often excel quickly. Medical professionals such as nurses and caregivers are not the right fit as a franchisee. It is essential to have a desire to help the elderly and work in a consultative business model. This business is also great for spouse or partner teams, second and third career seekers, and those seeking a retirement business.” Laura Alexander, VP of Franchise Development, Senior Care Authority

“Our most successful franchisees value and celebrate their caregivers. Passionate professionals providing compassionate care are how we give back to our communities. Making sure the ones on the front lines making it happen are supported differentiates A Place At Home franchise owners from others in the space.” Mitchell Benson, Franchise Development Manager, A Place At Home Franchise

“The most successful LearningRx franchisee shows a personal passion for changing lives through the power of brain training to make learning and life easier for their clients. Top franchisees possess high personal confidence, have natural people skills, show consistency in advertising investment, build an effective referral network in their community, and follow LearningRx sales and business systems closely.” Natalie Speakman, Director of Development, LearningRx

Terri McCulloch Any Lab Test Now
Terri McCulloch, Any Lab Test Now

As with every franchise, following the business model and best practices are number one. Also, the right location is key. Franchisees must optimize their territory through B2C and B2B sales, community events, and local B2G opportunities. Our Medical Assistants are our brand ambassadors. Hiring, training, and retaining staff are important to a franchisee’s long-term success. Owners must be fully engaged in their business and with the franchisor for their first store—absenteeism is discouraged until a franchise owner learns our business well.” Terri McCulloch, Vice President, Business Development, Any Lab Test Now

The most successful Cousins Maine Lobster franchisee demonstrates grit and perseverance. Being in the restaurant industry is tough work and is not for the faint of heart! However, for the right individuals, it can be wildly rewarding. Our best franchisees have the determination to overcome challenges and get things done. They celebrate successes and grow through what they go through! They tackle challenges head-on and find ways to persevere. As Entrepreneurs, franchisees focus on driving profitable, sustainable restaurants. Every day, they must leverage their teams and business partners to tackle opportunities that enable growth. Those who enjoy the momentum from great food and hard-working teams in an energetic environment will thrive in this business!” Angela Coppler, Head of Development, Cousins Maine Lobster

Our most successful franchise owners are process-driven. They persevere to find, train, and retain the best staff to join and grow with their teams. We have owners from diverse backgrounds—no healthcare experience is required. Military veterans especially find Caring Senior Service a solid fit for their focus on process, structure, cadence, and operational excellence. Our owners also value utilizing all Caring Senior Service operating systems and tools to leverage their success, train and develop their teams, and reinforce the significant offerings that set us apart from our competition!” Jeff Bevis, COO, Caring Senior Service

Jason Mitchell The Glass Guru Franchise
Jason Mitchell, The Glass Guru

“Our most successful franchisees demonstrate a high degree of coachability. As a franchisor, we have built an incredible model that supplies consistent success and scalability. Our most successful owners learn and fully leverage the myriad technology tools available. Open communication with their coaches and consistently focusing on growth into the next phase are important to franchisee success.” Jason Mitchell, VP of Marketing and Communications, The Glass Guru

Successful franchisors consistently pinpoint shared strengths and traits among their most accomplished franchisees. This keen recognition not only facilitates the alignment of a franchisee with their brand but also lays the foundation for a symbiotic and successful partnership. Leading franchisors express that the success stories of their top franchisees underscore the power of leveraging individual strengths within the cohesive structure of the franchise system, thereby fostering a landscape of thriving and mutually rewarding collaborations.

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