Top Franchises Under $100k

Franchises under $100K are typically considered low-cost franchise opportunities. While in many cases (but certainly not all), higher-investment franchises may offer a higher earnings potential, there are many low-cost franchise brands whose franchisees are highly satisfied with their small business ownership. The initial investment in a franchise under $100K typically includes the franchisee fee, as well as several other costs required to get your business up and running.

The below list contains a wide variety of business types, but is skewed toward service-based and home-based business opportunities due to the fact that they often do not involve brick-and-mortar locations, which can have steep development costs.

It is important to note that these companies have a minimum investment of less than $100,000, but their maximum (or average) investment may be higher. Please review their profiles and complete the contact form to get a more complete understanding of cost requirements.

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