Top Franchise Opportunities for Veterans 2019

The Best Franchises for Veterans, 2019 - Reviewed, Ranked, Recommended

Table of Contents

  1. The Data Behind the Ratings
  2. The List - The Top 80 Franchises for Veterans
  3. FBR’s Survey and Research Methodology
  4. The Most Profitable Sectors for Veterans
  5. Quick Facts About Veterans and Franchising
  6. Using Satisfaction Data to Find the Right Franchise for You

The Data Behind the Ratings

This year, we surveyed over 26,000 franchisees from many of today’s leading franchise brands to determine the most top franchises for veterans, based 100 percent on franchisee satisfaction. Each survey participant was asked 33 benchmark questions about their franchisor that focused on areas such as leadership, training, and core values as well 16 more personal questions concerning their business lifestyle and overall enjoyment of running their franchise. This year 80 brands made the FBR’s top-rated list! You can learn more about each top-rated franchise opportunity in the list below.

The List - The 80 Best Franchises for Veterans

To learn more about each brand simply click on the “view” link. Once you are on a franchise brand’s page, you can opt to receive additional details directly from the franchise by entering your email into the contact form.

View complete list of all award-winning franchises (not Veteran-specific)

FBR’s Survey and Research Methodology

Every year, Franchise Business Review surveys thousands of franchisees from hundreds of leading franchise brands to gauge franchisee satisfaction and performance — and to compile our lists of the top-rated franchise brands. Our independent franchisee satisfaction reviews measure the health of franchise systems that participate in our research based exclusively on the feedback of franchise owners... the real franchise experts!

Not all brands willingly open their doors to an independent research firm like Franchise Business Review, but those who do can offer investors, like you, a wealth of information on the system’s leadership, culture, training and support, financial outlook and franchisee community.

Learn more about FBR’s survey and research methodology.

The Most Profitable Franchise Sectors for Veterans

1.Real Estate

The median pre-tax income is $112,274

The median investment is $214,238

2. Business Services

The median pre-tax income is $100, 248

The median investment is $124,658

3. Senior Services

The median pre-tax income is $97,706

The median investment is $110,825

4. Home Services

The median pre-tax income is $81,949

The median investment is $109,752

      Quick Facts About Veterans and Franchising

      • One in eight franchises in America are owned by a veteran (FBR data)
      • There are 2.5 million U.S. businesses that are owned by veterans, making up about 9 percent of all businesses in the U.S. (Small Business Association)
      • These 2.5 million veteran owned businesses employ 5.8 million employees and pay more than $210 billion in payroll. (Small Business Association)

        Using Satisfaction Data to Find the Right Franchise for You

        Franchisee reviews offer a wealth of information on the system’s leadership, culture, training and support, financial outlook, and franchisee community. Franchisee satisfaction data is even more important to prospective franchisees on active military duty. If you’re located abroad, it may not be easy to conduct the necessary due diligence—calling current franchisees, visiting local stores, and meeting with the corporate office—from afar. While we always recommend potential operators talk to current franchisees, this report can at least be a starting point for your conversations.

        “The reality is that very few of the thousands of franchise opportunities available today are rated highly by their franchise owners,” said Stites, “That’s the whole reason we do what we do. Franchise Business Review is like the Consumer Reports of the franchise world. We help prospective investors understand which franchises are the top opportunities—based on the actual performance and satisfaction of franchise owners.”

        While considering satisfaction data it is also important to look at the support offered by a particular brand and determine whether or not a brand’s values and goals align with your personal values and beliefs. You want to make sure that when you buy into a system you are going to receive the expected support and be working towards a united goal.

        “Lenny's Grill and Subs mission, and goals line up well with the Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage,” remarked Anthony and Tammy Weiss, franchisees of Lenny’s Grill & Subs. “Lenny’s wants their franchisees to flourish and realize that their success is inherently dependent on the success of their franchisees. Prior to the Grand Opening of a Lenny’s, franchisees are provided with brand specific training on everything such as brand identity culture, sales and marketing, cash registers, and their point-of-sale system. Additionally, the company provides continuing technical training, mentoring and growth opportunities for its franchisees.”

        This year’s Top Franchises for Veterans list is an impressive group of the top companies in franchising today. Impressive not only because we think they are great franchise opportunities—but because their veteran franchisees gave them extremely high marks. Take your time and do your research. Franchising offers many great opportunities for veterans, but you need to find the opportunity that’s the right fit for you.