Celebrating 2024’s Franchise Rock Stars—These Franchise Owners Are Blazing a Trail to Success

FBR's 2024 Franchise Rock Stars

Each franchisee, with their unique blend of skills, values, and contributions, has an opportunity to become a beacon of inspiration to their brand, community, and franchise family. But what sets those who achieve the status of Franchise Rock Star apart? FBR’s Franchise Rock Star Awards are a testament to franchise owners who excel in their business and set a shining example of success and philanthropy.

Attaining FBR Rock Star status is no easy feat. Brands must achieve a 2024 FBR Top 200 Franchise Award to be eligible for nomination. This year, we received 250 Rock Star nominations from franchisors across eight diverse categories. After a meticulous selection process, we proudly present 74 franchisees who embody the true spirit of an FBR Rock Star.

Meet 2024’s Franchise Rock Stars

Senior Care Authority Franchise Rock Star Profile

Giving Back Rock Star
Senior Care Authority
Erin Dwyer-Busch
St. Louis, Missouri

The Senior Care Authority franchise celebrates Erin Dwyer-Busch of St. Louis, Missouri, as their 2024 Giving Back Rock Star. Erin’s list of professional achievements is worthy enough of the honor, but her charitable giving accomplishments are simply off the charts. Erin represents everything good, honest, and empathic in this world. We could all use more entrepreneurs who use their powers for good, and Erin sets a shining example. While raising six children, she gives back to her community through charitable contributions and exceptional care for her cherished clients. A franchise owner who has helped the aging and disabled live better lives for the past six years, Erin goes above and beyond her business duties, giving back in myriad ways. Read Erin’s story.

To learn more about the Senior Care Authority franchise opportunity, visit seniorcareauthority.com/fbr, email [email protected], or call (888) 809-1231 ext. 2.

Giving Back Rock Star
Randy Chipman
UtahRandy Chipman CarePatrol Franchise Profile

CarePatrol’s 2024 Rock Star in the Giving Back category, Randy Chipman, embodies all the best qualities you’d hope to find in someone who continually sets an example for selfless senior caring and giving back to his community. A franchise owner in the CarePatrol franchise family since 2014, he has now helped over 1,000 seniors and their families find the living arrangements and care they deserve. A natural at networking and interpersonal relationships, Randy is a tireless advocate for senior citizens, volunteering his time and effort to support the Alzheimer’s Association and other related nonprofit organizations. The CarePatrol franchise also sees in Randy the qualities they hope to find in the next generation of franchise owners. They are seeking individuals who know the value of interpersonal relationships and work hard to forge a collaborative environment where everyone on the team feels seen, heard, and valued. Read Randy’s story.

To learn more about the CarePatrol franchise opportunity, visit carepatrol.com/franchising/, email [email protected], or call (248) 781-8821.

Giving Back Rock Star
Expedia Cruises
Chuck and Laurie Mangus
Calgary, Alberta, CanadaExpedia Cruises Franchise Owners Profile

Expedia Cruises franchise owners Chuck and Laurie Mangus embody the true meaning of Franchise Rock Stars. Having gone through a remarkable journey marked by boundless compassion and extraordinary acts of kindness, the couple has donated countless hours and resources, raising money for cancer research, food banks, and homeless shelters and supporting families with children with disabilities. They say that business ownership empowers them to give back or “pay it forward” in their local communities. Fueled by a genuine belief in the inherent worth of every individual, the couple has left a lasting impression on their Expedia Cruises team and the recipients of their philanthropic efforts, echoing the sentiment that even the smallest act of kindness can make a significant difference. Read Chuck and Laurie’s story. 

To learn more about the Expedia Cruises franchise opportunity, visit expediafranchise.com, email [email protected], or call (778) 928-0053.

Millennial Rock Star
Spherion Staffing & Recruiting
Austin Kassner
Madison, Wisconsin, and Rockford, Illinois
austin kassner spherion staffing and recruiting franchise owner and 2024 rock star

Austin Kassner first became a Spherion Staffing and Recruiting franchisee through a resale opportunity in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2022. It didn’t take long for him to set a course of personal and professional success in connecting local job seekers with business opportunities in his home community. After the first 12 months of owning his Spherion Staffing and Recruiting franchise, Austin was rewarded with the “General Staffing Office of the Year” award. Now, he is celebrated as the franchise’s 2024 Rock Star. In addition to his obvious business acumen, he is recognized for his empathetic nature in representing the brand’s core value of giving back to his local communities. Read Austin’s story

To learn more about the Spherion franchise opportunity, visit Spherion.com/Franchising, email [email protected], or call 951-587-6864.

Jordan The N2 Company Profile

Millennial Rock Star
The N2 Company – Real Producers
Jordan Espeseth
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Every franchisor loves celebrating their model franchisees in the network, which keeps Jordan Espeseth busy! He is one of the most successful owners of The N2 Company franchise brand, Real Producers. A true inspiration to others, this 34-year-old Millennial Rock Star owns and operates four territories in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Jordan’s humility and vulnerability make him a favored speaker for the brand and one of their prime examples of what a franchise owner can accomplish once they choose the entrepreneurial path. Real Producers recently invited Jordan to represent the brand on their Franchise Advisory Board, where he can influence and guide others’ success. Read Jordan’s story

To learn more about The N2 Company franchise and The Real Producers opportunity, visit realproducersmag.com/launch, email [email protected], or call (859) 433-2215

Millennial Rock Star
Derek Wachter
Aurora, ColoradoPostNet Millennial Rock Star Profile

Derek Wachter and the PostNet franchise family are beyond lucky to have crossed paths in the same arena. Born into the business, Derek learned the ropes from his father and later bought the PostNet franchise from him, allowing his dad to enjoy the golden years of retirement in peace and prosperity. Derek is a fiercely dedicated family man and the father of two young children who values work-life balance. Despite the rigors and time commitments involved in raising a young family, Derek is passionately dedicated to helping others wherever needed. Derek’s selfless example is reflected in the old adage, “…like father, like son.” But, after stepping out of his dad’s shadow, Derek has forged his reputation as a franchisee rock star. He is a dependable business owner with a relentless passion for contributing to the brand’s success. Read Derek’s story to find out why the PostNet franchise says Dereck is the personification of a Millennial Rock Star franchise owner. 

To learn more about the PostNet franchise opportunity, visit postnetfranchise.com/getting-started, email [email protected], or call (720) 240-5799.

Millennial Rock Star
Cruise Planners
Kyle Nichols
Winter Park, FloridaKyle Cruise Planners Franchise Rock Star Profile

Kyle Nichols’ natural passion for travel and exploring the unknown has served him well as a Cruise Planners franchise owner with a reputation for delivering bespoke vacations of a lifetime. He is so adept at his profession that his franchisor has selected him as their 2024 Franchise Rock Star in the Millennial category. His tireless service with Cruise Planners goes above and beyond by focusing on a niche market of small-ship cruise getaways that often dock at exotic ports of call. His knack for researching, planning, and executing dream vacations has made him a Rock Star to his clients and franchisor. Kyle attributes the coaching and guidance of his Business Development Manager and Care Team to being game-changers in providing on-demand, personal, and professional assistance through every twist and turn and says they have become more than mentors—they’ve become friends. Read Kyle’s story.

For more information on the Cruise Planners franchise opportunity, visit cruiseplannersfranchise.com, email [email protected], or call (888) 582-2150.

Family-Owned Rock Star
Ellianos Coffee
Mystie Fehlman and Beth Joyner
Valdosta, GeorgiaEllianos franchise rock star profile

Never underestimate the power of a sisterly bond. At least that’s how the Ellianos franchise sees it, having nominated Mystie Fehlman and Beth Joyner as “Rock Stars” in the family-owned category for how they own and operate their franchise location in the rural town of Valdosta, Georgia. For this dynamic duo, family is everything, so they chose to work together to build a successful neighborhood coffee shop. Along the way, they’ve become a community staple. Having a family connection as a franchise owner has its benefits, and many franchisees choose this route to establish a legacy operation for future generations. Running a successful operation for these sisters begins with providing customers with an unmatched experience and a welcoming drive-thru environment. Read Beth and Mystie’s story

To learn more about the Ellianos Coffee Franchise Opportunity, visit ellianos.com/franchising, email [email protected], or call (800) 990-4418.

Family-Owned Rock Star
TSS Photography
Steve and Lindsay Verdun
East Peoria, Illinoistss photography franchise rock stars profile photo

When Steve and Lindsay Verdun first met, they wondered what professional adventures they could explore together. Today, not only are they some of the top performers among all TSS Photography franchise owners, but their bond as husband and wife creates a caring, community-oriented vibe in their Illinois-based business. They worked as employees under a TSS Photography owner before making the leap to franchise ownership in 2007. Seventeen years later, they create thoughtful, impactful, and attention-grabbing photos for their community. The duo is currently the third best-performing franchise in photo lab sales and has seen a 9% increase yearly in total sales. They say the transition from employees to owners was easy because they were so involved in the business, and they receive ongoing training and support. Read Steve and Lindsay’s story.

To learn more about the TSS Photography franchise opportunity, visit tssfranchisebusiness.com, email [email protected], or call 800-336-4550 ext. 114.

Family-Owned Rock Star
Spoiled Rotten Photography
Joey Fotheringham
Katy Texasspoiled rotten photography rock star joey

You’re already a rock star when you’re a successful franchise owner and father to 10—yes, 10—children. When the Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise chose Joey Fotheringham as their 2024 Rock Star in the Family-Owned category, they made it official. Joey and his family operate their photography business in the vibrant Houston suburb of Katy, Texas. With his wife Sandi as his co-owner, they took a leap of faith and dove into entrepreneurship in 2020. After carefully reviewing and comparing several other photography-related business opportunities, their decision came down to the training, culture, quality, and reasonable startup costs offered by Spoiled Rotten Photography. Read Joey’s story.

To learn more about the Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise opportunity, visit spoiledrottenphotographyfranchise.com, email [email protected], or call (256) 607-8275.

Top Performing Rock Star
Express Employment
Julie and Lance Turner
Fort Worth, Texasturners express employment top performing franchise rock stars

Julie and Lance Turner launched their Express Employment Professionals franchise in Fort Worth, Texas, in August 1995. Since then, they have successfully expanded their business into multiple offices, generating over $20 million in annual sales. Julie and Lance now oversee all operations at both the downtown and north Fort Worth locations. Beyond their business achievements, Julie and Lance have actively engaged in volunteer projects and initiatives that benefit all franchisees. They have led these efforts with care, compassion, and humor, focusing on mentoring the next generation of owners while supporting established offices. Read the Turners’ story. 

To learn more about the Express Employment franchise opportunity, visit ExpressFranchising.com, email [email protected], or call (877) 652-6400.

Top Performing Rock Star
The Learning Experience
Elias and Melody Garcia
North Carolinathe learning experience franchise top performing rock stars

Elias and Melody Garcia represent all the potential and everything that’s right about a husband and wife owning The Learning Experience franchise together—going from three to six Learning Experience schools in the last 18 months! As proprietors of six thriving The Learning Experience locations, they’ve become part of the fabric of communities in three markets in their home state of North Carolina. That’s why Elias and Melody Garcia were named 2024 Rock Stars in the Top-Performer category for The Learning Experience franchise. The Garcias plan to open two additional The Learning Experience locations in the next two years. The innovators Elias and Melody even created their own convention to motivate the teams that work under their direction. Read the Garcias’ story

To Learn More About The Learning Experience Franchise Opportunity, visit tle-franchising.com, email [email protected], or call (561) 886-6416.

Multi-Unit Rock Star
Snap-on Tools
Javier Sanchez
Miami & Hialeah, FloridaJavier Snap-on Tools Rock Star Profile

Javier Sanchez worked for his father as an employee at his Snap-on Tools franchise before purchasing two territories in 2022 and a third in 2023. Immersing himself in the Snap-on Tools franchise, he discovered a passion for building relationships and solving customer problems. He attributes his success to his father’s mentorship and values, as well as the training, technology, and tools provided by his franchisor. Javier is not just a rock star for how he’s grown his businesses but also because he loves how Snap-on Tools brought his family together. Read Javier’s story. 

For more information on the Snap-on Tools franchise opportunity, visit snaponfranchise.com, or call 877-476-2766.

Multi-Unit Rock Star
Kona Ice
Lori Rewczuk
Omaha, NebraskaLori Kona Ice franchise rock star multi-unit owner

If there were a human version of Kona Ice’s unique franchise business model, Lori Rewczuk would be it! An entrepreneurial business owner since 2012, she’s diligently grown her Kona Ice franchise from a single truck to 11 in her Omaha, Nebraska, home community. Once she got a taste for delivering Kona’s delicious, in-demand frozen treats, she couldn’t let it go! Not only did Kona Ice choose Lori to represent the brand as a franchisee Rock Star in the Multi-Unit category, but they also describe her as one of the most successful franchisees in the history of their operation. That’s probably why Lori was an obvious choice to be heralded as Kona Ice’s Franchisee Rock Star in the Multi-Unit category. Read Lori’s story.

To learn more about the Kona Ice franchise opportunity, visit ownakona.com, email [email protected], or call (800) 566-2423.

Multi-Unit Rock Star
Nathan Krueger
Southeast Wisconsinziebart 2024 franchise rock star nk

Nathan Krueger started out as a Ziebart store manager before owning two Ziebart franchise locations in Southeast Wisconsin in May 2004. This year, the Ziebart franchise has recognized him as their 2024 Multi-Unit Franchise Rock Star! Over the years, this franchisee has excelled in many ways! Last year, Nathan decided his stores could use a shake-up. So, he and his staff went “back to basics” to restructure operations and improve efficiencies. Both of his stores saw a great increase in profitability. More than simply restructuring, Nathan also focused on developing a new culture among his staff, allowing for an even more positive work environment. His hard work to turn his stores around—both profitably and culturally—additionally earned him recognition from Ziebart franchise leadership as the brand’s Most Improved Dealer of 2023. Read Nathan’s story.

For more information on the Ziebart franchise opportunity, visit ziebart.com, email [email protected], or call (248) 588-4100.

Women-Owned Rock Star
Class 101
Kayla Opperman
Denver, ColoradoKayla Class 101 Rock Star

Kayla Opperman was already the owner of a franchise under the Unleashed Brands Platform when the Class 101 franchise—another Unleashed Brand—appeared on her radar. Although she jumped at the chance to take on more responsibility as a multi-unit franchise owner, she also sought more flexibility and work-life balance as a busy mom. Her passion for working with young adults and empowering them to explore a brighter future fuels her ambition and sets a positive example for her children. Kayla is proud to have exceeded her personal and professional aspirations, and the Class 101 leadership team has recognized her accomplishments, naming Kayla their 2024 Women-Owned Franchise Rock Star. Read Kayla’s story

To learn more about the Class 101 franchise opportunity, visit class101franchise.com, email [email protected], or call (817) 271-2905.

Freshman Rock Star
JPAR Real Estate
Garrison Vandine
Denver, ColoradoGarrison JPAR franchise rock star 2024

Garrison joined the JPAR franchise family in 2023, establishing a territory in the Denver suburb of Littleton. Thanks to his hands-on approach, affinity for helping others, and the fact that he grew his business from one to 10 real estate agents in just one year, he’s certainly made an impact. He’s known for going the extra mile to help others gain exposure in their local communities. Garrison is grateful for the thorough training, tools, and systems provided by JPAR that enable him to create and implement marketing, recruiting, and sales plans to help him grow. His advice to potential JPAR franchisees? Focus on one great idea at a time. Don’t fall victim to shiny object syndrome. Read Garrison’s story.

To learn more about the JPAR franchise opportunity, visit grow.jpar.com, email [email protected], or call (512) 343-7951.

Freshman Rock Star
The Human Bean
Brooke Bennett
Grand Junction and Clifton, Coloradobrooke bennett the human bean franchise rock star profile

Brooke Bennett embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by opening her first two The Human Bean franchise locations just three months apart. After spending three intensive weeks mastering operations at The Human Bean’s training facility, Brooke returned to Colorado to launch her businesses and hire and train her teams personally. Brooke’s exceptional work ethic and dogged determination fueled her high-octane trajectory to multi-unit franchise success and a well-deserved Franchise Rock Star Award.  Read Brooke’s story.

To learn more about The Human Bean franchise opportunity, visit franchise.thehumanbean.com, email [email protected], or call (888) 262-2215.

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360clean Deborah Jones Women
A Place At Home Franchise Fatema Kapasi Freshman
Anago Cleaning Systems Ilan Rubinsztain Top performers
Any Lab Test Now Royal Banks Veterans
Assisting Hands Home Care Bryan Chaye Veterans
AtWork Jerry Bland Giving Back
British Swim School Sukhveer Singh Freshman
Budget Blinds Michelle Maryatt Freshman
CarePatrol Randy Chipman Giving Back
Caring Senior Service Cindy Sheller Multi-unit
Checkers & Rally’s Dinesh Goswami Freshman
Christian Brothers Automotive Stacey Jarrett Women
Class 101 Kayla Opperman Women
Cousins Maine Lobster Cindy & Pete Sztankovits Top performers
Creative World School Nick and Amanda Rolon Top performers
Crestcom International Dave Lawrence Top performers
Cruise Planners Kyle Nichols Millennials
Discovery Map International Kurt & Melissa Godwin Multi-unit
Dogtopia Sarah Lewis Women
Donatos Nathan Laslow Family-owned
Dream Vacations Jen Altheide Women
East Coast Wings + Grill Brent & Sherry Weaver Family-owned
Eggs Up Grill Antwan Aiken Millennials
Ellianos Coffee Corporate Mystie Fehlman Family-owned
Expedia Cruises Chuck Mangus Giving Back
Express Employment Professionals Julie & Lance Turner Top performers
Five Star Painting Alisa & Chris Wagner Multi-unit
Foxy Box Tiffany Shanahan Family-owned
FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Michael Arnold Freshman
The Glass Doctor Kevin Tennant Veterans
The Goddard School Bill & Wendy Kim Family-owned
Goldfish Swim School Corrine “Corri” Hastings Freshman
Hammer & Nails Donald Yurick Giving Back
HomeWell Franchising Brandon Phipps Veterans
Image One USA Michael & Esmeralda Avila Freshman
JPAR Garrison Vandine Freshman
Kitchen Solvers Marty Ness-White Veterans
Kitchen Tune-Up Hardika & Sushma Soni Women
Kona Ice Lori Rewczuk Multi-unit
LIME Painting Luke Reiner Millennials
Massage Luxe International Eric Jenkins Multi-unit
Mathnasium Learning Centers Laura Hamel Multi-unit
New Again Houses Ryan & Katy Lentz Family-owned
Oasis Senior Advisors Jenny Sanchez Giving Back
Payroll Vault Cathy Carroll Women
Pinch A Penny Brenda & Robert Allen Top performers
Pizza Factory Rebecca Lawless Women
Pool Scouts Jacob Ivey Millennials
PostNet Derek Wachter Millennials
Precision Garage Door Service Patrick Behrens Veterans
Safari Kid Franchising Nancy Kaur Freshman
Sandler Kate Kohler Family-owned
Scenthound Jim & Christy Boswell Top performers
School of Rock Anne Schovain Women
Senior Care Authority Erin Dwyer-Busch Giving Back
Smoothie King Josh Martin Freshman
Snap-on Tools Javier Sanchez Multi-unit
Sola Salons Heather Safrit Women
Spherion Staffing and Recruiting Austin Kassner Millennials
Spoiled Rotten Photography Joey & Sandi Fotheringham Family-owned
Stretch Zone Rasheen Hartwell Freshman
Teriyaki Madness Dhruv & Smit Patel Millennials
The Glass Guru Lisa Chambers Women
The Human Bean Brooke Bennett Freshman
The Learning Experience Elias & Melody Garcia Top performers
The N2 Company Jordan Espeseth Millennials
TSS Photography Lindsay & Steve Verdun Family-owned
TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nick Bailey Multi-unit
United Country Real Estate Bill Stanley Giving Back
Weed Man Sharra Hinton Women
Weichert Real Estate Affiliates Hector Contreras Freshman
Wild Birds Unlimited Hector & Amanda Bustillos Giving Back
WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Kim Rood Multi-unit
Ziebart Nathan Krueger Multi-unit
Includes owner satisfaction report
out of 100

Kona Ice

Industry: Food & Beverage
Investment: $149,995 - $189,300 Cash Required: $20,000
Includes owner satisfaction report
out of 100

Snap-on Tools

Industry: Automotive, Services
Investment: $217,505 - $481,554 Cash Required: $45,088
Cruise ship on water city lights
Includes owner satisfaction report
out of 100

Cruise Planners

Investment: $2,295 - $23,465 Cash Required: $10,995